Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Must-Reads for Animal Lovers

It’s that time of the week again. I had this post all planned out last night and then I checked The Broke and the Bookish‘s page for their list of TTT topics and realized that next week’s topic is 10 books that will make you laugh. Since that’s what I was going to do for this post, I had to rethink everything.

So, I decided to list some books that animal lovers will surely enjoy. Okay, I can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy these books, but I sure did!

I know I’ve mentioned a few of these in other posts, but I really tried to dig for books I don’t mention too often.

*click each image to be redirected to book’s Goodreads page*



A fun graphic novel about two dogs that lose their owners during the apocalypse. This is a super fun read for dog lovers as it captures their personalities perfectly and makes them ever so lovable and adorable.



Do I talk about this book too much? Probably. I really need to reread it to see if it’s really deserving of all my praise. But, I’m afraid it won’t be as good as I remember and that it will shatter such a large part of my childhood. Maybe someday…



I just really like penguins, okay? Seriously though, this is a super fun little book that actually has some awesome advice in it. Plus, there a tons of cute pictures of penguins!



This is filled with tons of heroic animal stories that are inspiring and heartwarming. I received a free copy of this book from a publisher and it’s honestly one of the best review book I’ve ever read. Plus, the photography is stunning.



Any A.A. Milne Pooh book will do, actually, but this is a favorite of mine. Sure, they’re stuffed animals, but they’re still animals and wonderfully lovable ones at that.



Speaking of lovable stuffed animals, this children’s book will make you feel all the feels. I’m sure nearly everyone is already familiar with this beloved children’s book, but it’s always worth a read.



This is another book I know I’ve mentioned a few times. Still, it deserves to be on this list. This story is amazing and compulsively readable for any animal, especially dog, lover.



Now, for some humor. I’m not sure if this is really so much for animal lovers, but it does focus on an animal. This is a hilarious read for anyone familiar with Grumpy Cat. Even if you’re not, you may still find this book filled with fun.



If satire is your thing, this book is definitely for you. It’s filled with plenty of humor telling cute animals why they don’t deserve to be so cute and make us animal lovers feel such feels over them. Best read in small doses, this book is destined to put a  smile on your face.



Okay, so this is really just for cat lovers, but it’s got some pretty funny points and the illustrations are fascinatingly fun. It’s a nice quick read that will make you laugh for a few minutes at least.

Are you an animal lover? Have you read any of these books? Liked/disliked?
What books made your TTT this week? Leave your link in the comments for me!

Up Tomorrow: Review of A Cup of Comfort for Writers

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Happy Reading!


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