Star Trek: Twilight’s End by Jerry Oltion

5/5 Stars

This post is so late today because I went to the Milwaukee Public Museum to see a new dinosaur exhibit that is currently on display until May. It was super cool. It focused on new dinosaur bones found in South Africa recently (most found during the ’90s). I’m such a 5 year old when it comes to dinosaurs. I even wore my Jurassic Park tshirt today 😛 (even though the dinosaurs on display were actually from the Cretaceous period).

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty business of a book review!

In this Star Trek book, the crew finds themselves at the planet Rimillia. The people who occupy this planet are forced to live on a small, thin portion of the planet – the only part that is habitable. Since the planet doesn’t revolve on it’s axis (spin), there are only two other extreme temperatures: deadly hot and deadly cold. Kirk and the crew quickly learn that their help is wanted by some, but repelled by most. Once Kirk is taken captive by a rebel alliance, will Scotty be able to work out the kinks in the rotation plan to start Rimillia spinning. All the while, will Spock find Kirk in time and be able to protect against an attack? Pick up this thrilling adventure to find out.

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First, I’m going to say right away that this was my first time reading a Star Trek book. I’ve always been an original series fan, but nowhere as committed as some crazed fans. I noticed that many people on Goodreads weren’t happy with this book, but I, personally, think it was because of the political undertones and not the story itself.

I don’t see why, though, as I thought this book did a marvelous job of capturing the politics, tension, plot lines, and character personalities of the Star Trek Original Series.

This story was ridden with tension from beginning to end. Granted, I didn’t read this in just a few sittings, but instead brought this book to the gym with me for my cardio workouts. This means it took me quite a while to actually finish this book, but I found myself eager to pick it up nearly daily. It kept me wanting to go the gym – that’s for sure! The  story read very much like watching an episode. There was plenty of action that was complimented by calmer parts of dialogue and discussion.

Along with capturing the tension of an episode perfectly, Oltion also captures the characters personalities wonderfully. The characters that any Star Trek fan knows and loves come to life vividly in this novel. I found myself nodding along and smiling at each notable characteristic that cropped up.

On top of the story and characters, the writing itself is marvelous. This story is easy to read, yet not so simple that it’s boring. Oltion strikes the perfect balance between readability and science fiction. His writing is also humorous and fun. I found myself laughing out loud (even though I was at the gym) on more than one occasion. Oltion’s story was interesting, fun, and altogether enjoyable.

I gave it some thought, and, honestly, I recommend this book to science fiction fans. I don’t believe that you have to have a knowledge of the Star Trek universe before picking this book up. However, being a Trekkie definitely makes the story more fun.

You might have to hunt around to find a copy of this books. But, if you do, snatch it up and give it a try!

Up Tomorrow: Review of Ten Women Who Shook The World

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