Mash-Up Monday – Another LootCrate Unboxing

Hey everyone! Today I’m showing off my new awesome loot once again that I got in March’s LootCrate. I’m super happy with this crate and über in love with the things I received.

I flipped this months box inside out before even thinking about photographing it first, so there will be no anticipation photos at the beginning. Sorry about that. That also means that spoilers will start immediately.

Always have to give a disclosure: I am not getting paid or compensated by LootCrate for creating this post. All thoughts and feelings are solely my own.

Now, on with the loot!

The Month’s Theme was Vs.


This was a fun game included inside this month’s LootCrate booklet. There’s so much about this I love – including, but not limited to, kirk crying over his dropped ice cream cone, the fact that it’s called Spock-Khan, Jedi Spock, Doctor Who’s appearance, and Daryl Spock!


An exclusive Harley Quinn comic. I’m pretty excited about this one! The story focusses on her finding a magic lamp that contains a genie.


The Batman vs. Superman item is a Mighty Wallet. It’s super cool, but I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.
The hat, on the other hand (or head? – bad pun, I’m not sorry), I’m super in love with! It’s reversible Daredevil and Punisher. Seriously, fantastic!


This Titan Vinyl Figure is awesome! I’m in love with it. Also, I’m very happy I got Big Chap because I’m way more an Alien than Predator fan. That worked out well for me! (The backdrop is the inside of the LootCrate box. Like I said, I already flipped it around. Woops.)


I had to weirdly crop this photo because for some strange reason my fingers look super red. Anyway…This is the pin that came with this month’s box. It’s awesome. I love it.


I actually accidentally viewed a spoiler, but quickly turned away  – the only thing I saw was this shirt. However, I didn’t mind at all, because look how cool it is! Spock and his doppelgänger. I was anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.


Once again, I’m absolutely in love with everything that was included in LootCrate’s box. It’s such a good value and like getting a christmas present in the mail from your favorite, single, rich aunt. (I don’t have one of those, but I image this is exactly what it feels like.)

I’m definitely getting next month’s crate as there’s going to be Harry Potter and Labyrinth loot included. If you want to subscribe to next month’s crate, please consider doing so through my referral link so we can BOTH save some money! Please? (I’m not begging, I swear.) Really, though, I won’t even be mad if you don’t because this crate is awesome either way!

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Happy Reading!


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