Spider-Girl, Vol. 4: Turning Point by Tom DeFalco and Pat Oliffe

5/5 Stars

Oh, ho, ho. Look at me publishing a review and even semi-early in the afternoon! I feel like I am finally starting to get on schedule after my crazy weekend and crazy workload over the last few weeks. If you have stuck around, thanks so much for bearing with me! There will hopefully only be one more discrepancy (a Friday blog post tomorrow) before I’m finally back on track next week!

Let’s get right down to why you came here: a book review!

This is a very interesting compilation of Spider-Girl comics. In these issues, the main theme focusses around the Green Goblin. Of course, it’s not the same Green Goblin May’s dad, Peter Parker, remembers. This is his grandson, Norman (Normie) Osborn. Although he shares the same name as his grandfather, the two are vastly different characters. This comic takes a very interesting view on the Green Goblin and the role he plays in Mayday Parker’s life. There are, of course, a few other new villains thrown in the mix, making this volume just as fun as all the others.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 4.00.39 PM.png

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First of all, I want to formally apologize that I keep reviewing these comics. I’m finding out just how hard they are to come by. I’ve run out of copies at my Library, and it’s so, so saddening. I didn’t realize these were in such high demand and sold for crazy amounts on the internet. Damn.

Second of all, I want to apologize because I am running out of things to say about these books since they are all just so marvelous. (I know, I know. How nice of me to continuously praise these books that you are having a hard time finding.) All I can say is, if you get the chance to read these, jump on that as soon as you possibly can. Wow.

Although this issue wasn’t my favorite, I still found the rating decision easy and had no trouble giving this volume the 5/5-star rating it was overly deserving off. Tom DeFalco’s storylines never cease to amaze me, always keep me interested – flipping pages, and are never boring. The text of the story is perfectly balanced with the panel artwork to weave something marvelous. There’s humor, there’s wit, and there’s the explicit destruction of the patriarchy. What more could a female comic book reader possibly want? 

As a female comic book reader, I can honestly say not much.

I love the artwork in these comics and always find the panels, lines, and color really well done. Pat Oliffe’s art, like DeFalco’s writing, never fails to enhance the story experience.

I just love everything about these comics, okay? They’re marvelous, and wonderful, and splendid, and Mayday Parker is everything I want in a super-hero protagonist.

I will repeat what I said above, If you get the chance to read any of these, DO SO WITHOUT HESITATION. I am doing my best to try and get my hands on the next issue, but hot diggity dog is this difficult without spending a fortune!

Up Tomorrow: Review of Age of License: A Travelogue

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*Update* I just ordered the next 2 volumes from Thrift Books! (For under $10!)


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