Mash-UP Monday – All About Zombies

Since I, unfortunately, missed last week’s Top Ten Tuesday post, I decided to make this a special Mash-Up Monday one-time feature because I really wanted to do the topic.

This post is for my fellow zombie nerds. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite comics, novels, movies, and video games. So, if you have a hankering for brains, pick up on one of these for some gory fun. (Okay, that was a weird sentence to write.)

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This comic is so much fun. Easily one of my favorite Deadpool stories! It’s entertaining and has tons of references to all my other favorite zombie movies and books.


The sequel to Night of the Living Deadpool. Although I didn’t like this book as much as the first one, it’s still almost 5-star worthy and is a must-read for zombie and comic fanatics. Littered with tons more zombie references, this story does not fall flat.


I just really like Deadpool, okay? This is the first book in the Deadpool Marvel NOW! series. The reason it fits with the zombie theme is because some crazy sorcerer brings all the presidents back from the dead and Deadpool has to re-kill them all. Not exactly zombies, but I think reanimated corpses are close enough.


Of course The Walking Dead had to make this list. How could it not? This is a comic that’s absolutely made for zombie lovers.


This is a new series that I’ve started. I picked it up because it’s set in Wisconsin, which is where I live. I didn’t have high hopes because the location and the fact that it included zombies were the only two reasons I read it. But, the first issue has me ready to read more. It has an interesting twist on the whole zombie apocalypse concept.



As time goes on, I’m still completely baffled that this was my first Stephen King novel. How perfect for my zombie-loving self to come across this book back in 8th grade. It’s held a fond spot in my heart ever since. Definitely a good read for zombie lovers like myself.


“Sometimes dead is better.” This is my favorite King novel, and I definitely recommend it to fellow zombie enthusiasts. It’s more than just a zombie novel. There’s so much going on, including some old Native American power.


This book combines two of my favorite things, exactly what the title says: Pride and Prejudice and zombies. I’m still not finished with this book, but it’s the perfect balance between zombie bloodshed, humor, and romance. I love it.

MOVIES (and one TV show):


This is my favorite zombie movie ever. I came across it in high school and it instantly became a treasured story that I forced all my friends to watch. British satire at it’s absolute best. This movie is utterly flawless.


This movie is also perfection. Plenty of humor. Plenty of gore. Everything I love in a good zombie flick. It’s marvelous. If you haven’t seen this already, what are you waiting for?


I think everyone already knows I watch The Walking Dead (?). I talk about it literally all the time. I’m so hooked. It’s so wonderful, though. And, I’m finding that it adapts the comics to television marvelously.


really need to get myself a copy of this movie. Wowza. This is hilarious. I actually stumbled upon it on cable one night and watched it because, you know, zombies. Another satirical movie for a great laugh.


So many people aren’t happy with the way these movies adapted the video games, but I honestly think these movies are super interesting and really well done. They’re intense, interesting, and have a kick-ass female lead. Seriously, I love them. (Is it bad that I’m super excited for the Final Chapter movie coming out next year?)

28dayslater 28weekslater

British horror done superbly. These movies follow a sort of mellow yet horrific chain of events. They’re definitely super interesting and are filled with plenty of zombies.


This one’s pretty iconic as well as entertaining. It’s old, so the graphics aren’t the best, but this is a must-watch classic for zombie fans.


This combines three of my favorite things: zombies, Shakespeare, and satire. This romantic (satirical) comedy is Romeo and Juliet for zombie fans. Don’t let that cause you to shy away from watching this; it’s super fun, entertaining, and heartwarming.


I actually liked this movie a lot more than I thought I would. It was entertaining and awesome with some pretty fantastic graphics. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m dying to now that the movie was so entertaining. (Although, I’ve heard they’re quite different from each other. But, such are book-to-movie adaptations.

dawnofthedeadoriginal dawnofthedeadremake

I was hesitant to include these two movies in this list. I’m not a huge fan of Dawn of the Dead, but they’re such classics. I remember thinking the remake was quite the joke when I first saw it middle school, but, as I’ve grown older, I’ve begun to appreciate the complexity of the storyline’s simplicity. Still, these aren’t a must watch, but more of a if-you’re-out-of-ideas-try-this.



I love this video game. It’s got a fantastic storyline and is fun to play. The puzzle is intricate and there’s plenty to do. There’s a nice balance between plot dumping and play action. Plus, the zombies have a nice spin on them, making this game fun and unique. However, be warned: it’s quite horrifying. Prepare to be eaten often. (Owned/Played on PS3)


Really, any resident evil game is worth it. Of course I had to feature them with the movies being included in this post. I chose this photo because this is the game I currently found used and have been playing, but they’re all good stuff. (Owned/Played on PS2) If you’re not a packrat like me and don’t still have an old PS2 lying around, I believe there are some new games for PS3 & 4 out. (Which, I still need to get my hands on!)

Well, there you have it. (More than) a few zombie-themed ideas to satiate your need for brains.

Thoughts on these choices? Liked/disliked? Curious? Anything to recommend me? (If yes, please do!)

Up Tomorrow: Top Ten Tuesday

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Happy Reading!




5 thoughts on “Mash-UP Monday – All About Zombies

  1. …well I actually don’t much about zombies but I know that I don’t mind them (I’m not sure if I like them yet though, haha). I read Strange Angels last year and was misled. I thought it was a book about zombies… There were some but it was basically just another vampire novel, lol. However, have you read the Rot and Ruin series? I’ve heard tons of great things about that one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t read that one yet! But it’s really high on my list. I’ve been hearing tons of great reviews for it too. It’s a must read for me 😛
      Thanks for reading Summer! (Even though you’re not sure if you like zombies yet haha)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe, not a problem! And oh my gosh, do read them (not Strange Angels but Rot and Ruin). They’re probably the only ya zombie series I’m inclined to read sooner or later. I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I just ordered the first one in the series, so hopefully I will get around to them soon! I’ve been hearing such good things I finally caved and ordered it 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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