Top Ten Tuesday – Book Theme Songs

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is all about music and books. (That’s what they tell me anyway.) I’ve decided to give theme songs to books. Sounds fun, right? I thought so. I get to talk about two things I love, and that’s always a marvelous thing.

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So, after the first book in this post, I decided to mix things up and make this TTT extra fun by putting my music on shuffle and then choosing a book based on which song came up. It made TTT even more fun because I had no idea what was coming next.

“My Immortal” by Evanescence


For some reason, I’ve always associated this song with this book. I think it’s because I first watched The Fellowship of the Ring in 6th grade, which, at the time, was also when Evanescence’s CD Fallen was popular. For some reason, I’ve never been able to disassociate the two. When I finally did read the books in 11th grade (after failing miserably 4 times throughout grades 7-11), the song just stuck.

“You Run Away” by Barenaked Ladies


I’m super happy a song came up that perfectly fits one of my favorite books! This song has a lot of heart, and I can see it coming from Mr. Darcy’s perspective since he is constantly trying to win over Lizzie, but she is so headstrong that she is constantly running from him and refusing to fall in love.

“Black + Blue” by Christina Perri


I’m giving Margo Roth Spiegleman this song. I know she’s not the main protagonist of this novel, but she’s the person who drives the story forward. Perri’s lyrics seem to sum up why Margo ran away in the first place. She was over the fake love of her boyfriend and the false idolized love of the city where she lived. It’s not where she was meant to lay down.

“Zero from Outer Space” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers


This one was kind of fun to come up with. It’s a super fun, upbeat song – just like this book! Plus, as the lyrics state, “I’m a zero from outer space.” It just seems all too fitting.

“Meant to Die” by The Used


This intense book deserves a song just as intense. It seems that the themes of both are fitting and complimentary. It definitely gives off the not having pristine mental health vibe.

“Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper


This book is getting a wonderfully fitting song. (Although, it’s hard not to associate “Time After Time” with Napoleon Dynamite.) The lyrics to this song are exceptionally fitting for a story about 3 best friends who will, no doubt, be there waiting to catch each other time after time.

“The Pretender” by Foo Fighters


How perfect is this pair up? Oh my goodness. It’s seamless, which makes me so, so happy. There’s no greater pretender than Amy Dunne, and I can totally see this song raging in her husband Nick’s head – angsty and angry over his wife’s atrocious mind games. I love this pair up so much. Wow.

“Hypocrite” by Skye Sweetnam


Another, in my humble opinion, marvelous matchup. Kamala is first under the impression that she has to look a certain way to be a superhero, but, as her story progresses, she starts to embrace who she actually is and refuses to be labeled.

“Take it on the Run” by REO Speedwagon


Wyatt is the perfect person to have this song as his theme. He’s middle-aged, his life has settled down, and he’s in a stable relationship, so, naturally, he wants to run away from it all in search of a grand adventure. He sure finds one, but did he sacrifce something much more important by leaving it all behind?

“Heartbreaker” by Led Zeppelin


“It’s been 10 years or maybe more” … If Gatsby was set in the ’70s, this would definitely be the theme song. Gatsby is the one singing and Daisy is the heartbreaker. Honestly, it’s so fitting.

Okay, that was all together way too much fun! I could have kept going and going until I ran out of books. Thoughts on these pairings? Like/dislike? What’s your TTT this week? Leave your link in the comments so I can read it!

Up Tomorrow: Review of The Grownup

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Happy Reading!


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Book Theme Songs

  1. Ah, you have fantastic music taste, Ashley! I love Foo Fighters! And, though I didn’t like Gone Girl, I totally agree of your pair between the book and song. 🙂 And ah, that cover of Pride and Prejudice is so simplistically cute! I have Persuasion in that type of UK edition!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oo thanks so much! Foo Fighters are wonderful! Isn’t it such a cute cover? I wish I actually owned it (mine’s quite boring in comparison haha). I love simplistically pretty things 🙂 Thanks for reading, Summer!


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