Cathy’s Book: If Found Call (650) 266 – 8283 by Jordan Weisman, Sean Steward, and Cathy Brigg

4/5 Stars

Is anyone else having as hard of time remembering the date and that it’s actually 2016 as me?

I was given this book by my lovely friend April @swimmingthroughliterature. I want to take a moment to thank her for that.

This is a story about Cathy, an aspiring artist high school senior, who was in a short relationship with Victor up until the previous week. He dumped her, and she has no idea why. But, she’s desperate and determined to find out. However, does Cathy get to close to a giant cover up? What happens when a girl who was close to Victor is murdered? What will Cathy find at the lab he’s currently working at? How can he possibly be so rich when he is so young? All this and not to mention, what did he stick her with that caused her to develop a dot on her arm similar to a needle prick or spider bite? And, last but not least, what about the immortals?

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I really enjoyed this book. Cathy is the epitome of a strong character. She’s fierce, strong, emotional, scared, big-headed, upset, stubborn, and talented. I honestly love just about everything about her. Of course she does have some minor character flaws, but they’re supposed to be there. After all, who doesn’t have flaws? 

I did get a bit annoyed with her every now and then, but that’s because she’s a teenager. I knew that would happen going into this book. I remember those teenage years of feeling invincible all too well. (I still sometimes like to believe I’m invincible – unable to feel the repercussions and harm that my actions may result in.) But, I still loved Cathy’s personality and how it moved the plot and story forward. 

This story calls for the mentality of suspension of disbelief. I didn’t realize when I picked this book up that I was diving into a Sci-Fi book with some Fantasy elements. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I really liked that. It’s always nice when a book surprises you in a good way.

The storyline and plot are interesting and compelling. I found myself eager to find out what was going to happen next. This book was totally unpredictable. I never once guessed what was coming. There are many turns and twists that are sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

On top of the unique story, the layout of this book is also one of a kind. Okay, there are other books out there designed like this one, but I still found Cathy’s Book to be very unique and interesting. This is told as if Cathy is writing and doodling in her journal. I liked what that added to the experience, even if the doodles did get in the way of the words sometimes (which was occasionally frustrating and part of the reason I deducted some star points).

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and absolutely recommend it if you like YA, especially YA Sci-Fi. This was a pretty quick and easy read. There was another surprise in store for me when I finished this book: It’s part of a series. I’m giving you some the fair warning that I didn’t have. I wasn’t planning to invest in this series, but I’d definitely pick up the sequels if the opportunities present themselves.

Get your copy from Book Depository here for $9.95.

Up Tomorrow: Book Review of Whippoorwill

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