Spider-Girl, Vol. 3: Avenging Allies by Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe

5/5 Stars

Review day; Review day; yay! I’m loving the Spider-Girl series. I’ve only read vol. 2 & 3, but they’ve been excellent. I had vol. 4 checked out from the Library, but, unfortunately, because I was sick I wasn’t able to read it and had to return it; however, I’ll get it back…hopefully next time I’m at the Library.

This series focuses on Mayday, May, Parker, daughter of Peter and Mary Jane. In vol. 3, May is struggling with her identity, as most adolescents do. She wonders if joining The Avengers is the right thing for her. So, she contacts them, and they have a little try-out for her. Unfortunately, there’s no need for new members at the moment, but May makes some new friends. On top of May’s crises, an old villain returns. Will May be able to beat him? What is her dad’s old DarkDevil up to? Will she get her old best friend back in the mess of everything? Pick up this compilation and find out!

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This was another wonderfully action-packed collection. I liked this one just as much as I liked vol. 2. (For some reason my Library never seems to have vol. 1 when I’m in there. I’m beginning to wonder if they have it at all.) But, anyway, I’m seriously falling in love with all these characters and their stories. 

These comics are so well-written. It’s remarkably easy to fall into the story for a few hours. I haven’t come across any plot holes and there’s always a nice mixture of action and emotional scenes. They balance out brilliantly.

But, of course, what would a great storyline be without an amazing lead protagonist? I’m so in love with Mayday Parker. Her character is so fantastic. She’s so multidimensional; I can’t even contain my fangirling. She’s strong, emotional, bold, powerful, weak, big-headed, insecure, loving, in control, and so not in control all at the same time. She fights bad guys while still dealing with high school. You go girl. She has a few cringe-worthy moments, especially some boy moments, but, hey, she’s a teenager. It’s bound to happen.

She is honestly a great role model for young girls everywhere. 

Oooo also, did I mention this comic series has plenty of humor? Yea, basically this book has it all. Humor, action, charm, and good looks. Okay, well, maybe not the good looks…nah, it totally does. The art is beautiful. 

I just love everything about this series and you should absolutely read it if you haven’t. I especially recommend this if you like strong female characters, superhero comics, or awesome graphic novels. This is a great read for anyone who found my review intriguing. This comic series does not get enough recognition. Seriously read this if you get the chance. I’ll absolutely be reading more!

Up Tomorrow: Book Review of Death Note Vol. 1

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Happy Reading!


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