Selected Poems of Elizabeth Brewster: 1944-1977 by Elizabeth Brewster

5/5 Stars

I can’t believe New Years Eve is tomorrow! How is this year almost over already?! Have you all reached your reading goals this year? Trying in earnest to catch up before midnight tomorrow? I surprised myself by surpassing my goal of 80 books and reading 109! I’m pretty happy with that.

Anyway, enough with the (scary) linear progression of time and on with the (not scary) review for today.

I found this book at the thrift store and couldn’t pass up the pretty cover. Even if a chunk of it was peeled off (probably from those nasty stickers that have no place being on pretty books in the first place), I knew I needed this book in my life.

This is a collection of poetry written by Elizabeth Brewster spanning the years from 1944-1977. During the span of these years she lived in both England and Canada. She writes about her experiences to both tell a story and also reflect on her thoughts. The length of the poems span from a few lines to a few pages. Brewster writes in a relatable, beautiful, and heartbreaking way that will make you remember just how alive you can feel some days in contrast to how low other days can bring you down. An intriguing collection, especially for women.

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I really enjoyed this book of poetry. It took me a while to get through this because I have a hard time sitting down and reading poetry in long blocks, so I spent a few months picking it up here and there when I felt contented or compelled to do so. This was a nice strategy and allowed me to immerse myself in and enjoy the words that were on the page.

I loved Brewster’s tone of voice and writing capabilities. She honestly made me feel so many raw emotions. Some poems tore me to absolute pieces and others put me completely back together. I felt a bit like Humpty Dumpty, but in the best way. I never imagined I would be so affected by a book I found in such a fly-by-night way. But, then again, it’s often the books we aren’t expecting that move and change us.

Brewster lived an interesting life that I loved finding out about it through the bits and pieces of the words she puts down. I actually found many of her poems exceptionally relatable. She writes about grief, love, success, and failure so well, that I could see my own events in life so vividly. The way she tells her stories makes them wholly hers yet wholly the readers at the same time. I don’t know if that makes much sense, but maybe it does.

She writes her own experiences so vividly that you can see them happening, but also vaguely enough that the reader can put themselves and their experiences into her writing.

Okay, I’m just going to stop trying to make this make sense now. Maybe it did maybe it didn’t. Moving on. There were, of course, a few poems I came across that were un-relatable, confusing, and/or dull, but that’s bound to happen in a collection. I still thought the compilation as a whole was wonderful. 

I highly recommend this poetry collection to everyone. But, I exceptionally recommend it to women anywhere from ages 20 and beyond. Although she doesn’t mention anything about it, Brewster seemed like quite the feminist and that comes across in her work. So I also highly recommend this work to women looking to read about a strong, independent woman’s life and experiences. This is an absolutely wonderful collection and deserves to be read.

Get your copy from Amazon (Book Depository doesn’t carry it) here for $10.00.

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Happy Reading!


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