Back to Christmas by Dennis Canfield

4/5 Stars

So, I know I’m supposed to be doing a Mash-Up Monday post today, but I’m not feeling the creative juices flowing and have sat here staring at a blank screen for 30 minutes trying to come up with something. Talk about writer’s block.

So, instead of fumbling around and trying to write a post I’m only half committed to, I’ve decided to just replace today’s scheduled post with an unscheduled book review.

This works out well anyway, since this book isn’t scheduled to be reviewed until the week of Christmas, but it’s nice to get it out ahead of time so you still have a chance to read it before the Holidays are over.

This is a story about a family that has been put on Santa’s naughty list for the last two years. If they’re put on the list again, Santa’s elves will have no choice but to put the family on the permanent naughty list, and nobody wants that. The head labeling elf is eager to do his job and put the family on the naughty list, until he discovers he might be losing his Christmas spirit as well. In one last valiant effort to save both the family and himself, can this elf avoid such travesty in time to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas?

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I received a free copy of this book for review, and I’m glad about that. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I honestly only requested it because the cover says “Penguins Rule.” Penguins are my favorite animal, so it was no question. I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed.

Canfield’s writing flows nicely. It’s very straightforward lacking flowery intricacies. This is, however, not a bad things and works nicely with the story that Canfield is telling. Canfield’s writing also makes this an easy read. I could have finished it in one sitting, but ended up splitting it up, deciding to play video games for a bit before bed instead of reading. That’s my own fault.

Canfield’s story is pretty basic. There are no fancy plot devices or excessively strategic weavings, but that makes this story more readable for all age groups. It’s easy to follow along with and also exceptionally easy to root for the spirit of Christmas. Canfield emphasizes getting back to the basics of the Holiday and spending time with your family and friends instead of avoiding each other with all the distractions we have.

This was a nice story and a pleasant read. I would recommend this book if you’re looking for a light, Holiday story to waste some time by the fire with, or just to waste some time with. I’m glad I was given the opportunity to read this book.

Up Tomorrow: (back on track) Top Ten Tuesday

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Happy Reading!



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