Einstein’s Beach House stories by Jacob M. Appel

4/5 Stars

It’s, sadly, time to wrap up another week, but I am excited to talk a bit about a book that caught me off guard and left me pleasantly surprised. I won a free copy of this book from Goodreads Firstreads Giveaways, and didn’t know quite what to expect. I’ve gotten some real duds off there, so my hopes are never high when I pick up a free book.

But, as you can see above, this book was really good, and I’m super happy about that.

This is a collection of short stories that each have a sense of magical realism in order to touch on real-life issues that are often times hard to talk about. This short book is composed of 8 stories that will have you questioning what’s actually happening and how we, as ordinary people, deal with the extraordinary situations that arise in life. Pick up Appel’s collection of tragi-comics and see what you can discover.

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I really enjoyed this book so much more than I thought I would. I was a bit skeptical during the first story, not quite sure what Appel was trying to accomplish. But, by the middle of the second one I found myself completely immersed in the ridiculous worlds he had created. I even went back and reread the first story to appreciate it better.

“Love sometimes requires a willingness to indulge in unreasonable requests[.]”

This book was making some pretty far-fetched requests and asks you to fully indulge. And, by golly, I indulged. Typically I don’t plan on keeping books I get for review, since, as stated above, they’re usually not anything fantastic or anything I would plan to read again. But, I would totally read this collection of stories again, so it has found a permanent spot on my shelves to call home. 

I completely fell in love with Appel’s writing and characters. They were just as ridiculous and whimsical as his stories. They were fantastical yet so very real. I could connect with them. It was all too easy to indulge their ridiculous requests. Appel’s writing brings them to life, and I was lost for hours in the twilight-zone-esque worlds he creates . I read this book in two sittings and regret nothing.

I did, however, like the story he chose for the cover, “Einstein’s Beach House,” least of all. But, it gives the title an intriguing idea and, I’ll admit, did suck me in as interesting. Overall, I think that’s the only story in this collection I might rate lower than a 4/5 stars. Everything else was impressive and wonderful.

I will definitely be reading more by this author, and recommend this collection to anyone looking to tackle the real-life problems we so often face in a magical way. I honestly think these stories would be a great read for everyone. They’re interesting, well-written, and enticing. Definitely pick up a copy of this book if you have the chance.

In fact,

Get your copy from Book Depository here for $13.76.

Andddd, that’s a wrap. I’m out for the weekend. I get to hang out with my former roommate who I haven’t spent excessive bonding time with in quite awhile. We’re watching Clerks II, which I so kindly introduced to her when we were living together a few years ago. If you want to be scarred for life, that’s definitely the movie for you.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend everyone! I’ll see you back on Sunday to wrap up what I’ve been getting up to.

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Happy Reading!


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