Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Winter-Themed Books

Well, I’m almost fully recovered from the weekend. I still don’t have much drive to get anything done today, but I’m much more motivated to write this blog post today than I was yesterday.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday Topic, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is top ten 2016 debuts you’re looking forward to most. I’m horrible at keeping up with new releases, especially debut releases, so I’m tweaking the topic (a bit more than) a bit. I’m going to be doing my top ten favorite winter-themed/holiday reads.

After looking into this further, I’m modifying the topic again. I started to look and found all these children’s books I used to love when I was little, and so I decided to do my top ten favorite holiday books from when I was a child.

Now, finally, I can get on – confidently – with this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.

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Okay, so this is the one exception to my topic. I bought this book a few years ago because I love penguins, and I had to have it. It’s adorable, and everyone should read it at least once.



I used to love the Carl books when I was little. There’s 4 of them (I think?). They’re picture books, but they’re so adorable. I used to go through these books like once a day. They were an absolute favorite.



Of course Miss Jones had to make this list. I loved these books as a kid and read the series multiple times. This one was great around the holidays.



I loved the Dear America series when I was a kid. 4-5th grade were a peak time for me reading these. I read most of them multiple times. I think I read this one 2 or 3. It’s a nice story and puts the holidays in perspective.



Not really Christmas-y but definitely winter-y. This is another series I loved, peaking in 3rd grade. I read so many series as a kid. I was such a little reader.



How could Charlie Brown not make this list? I know he was on last week’s list too, but I have a soft spot for the peanuts gang.



I loved Winnie the Pooh so much as a kid. I watched the TV series and movies till I was in, like, 7th grade. (I’m not ashamed of that.) So, naturally, this collection had to make the list.



I loved this book when I was young. (Maybe because it’s set in Wisconsin where I live?) I read this one at least 4 or 5 times. I even had coloring and activity books for this, as well as a magnetic dress your doll kit. Man, I was obsessed. How could this wintery book not make the list?



I loved this children’s book when I was young. It’s mainly pictures with only a bit of writing. It’s a really interesting book, though. It’s the story of the birth of Jesus told from the perspective of the animals in the barn Jesus was born in. I was always fascinated with this book. Still am.



Of course I had to include a Magic Treehouse book on this list. It was between this one and the sabertooth one. I figured this one was more Christmasy. (Even though I liked the sabertooth one better as a kid.) This is another series I read multiple times – 3 to be exact.

Well, this has been an overly nostalgic Top Ten Tuesday. What books were on your lists this week? Did you stick to the topic, unlike me? Leave your link in the comments so I can read your lists!

Up tomorrow: Book Review – Dark Places

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Happy Reading!


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Winter-Themed Books

  1. Haha, I loved Little House in the Big Woods growing up! I actually love the whole Little House series despite not living anywhere near where it’s set–it’s just so… warm? I haven’t read it in aaages, though; I wonder if I’ll think of it differently and like it even more now that I’m an adult.

    My TTT.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, the whole series was definitely a good one! I just loved this one a bit extra for some reason, haha. I’m always afraid to reread books I loved as a kid now that I’m an adult. I’m afraid I won’t like them anymore, and it’ll just ruin the mirage of how good they actually were. (I hope that makes sense.) I’m so torn to revisit some of the stories I loved so much.


  2. Great list! I think it’s awesome when people do their own thing for TTT. Sometimes I find it impossible to do the theme they have set for the week. The last few weeks have been like that for me, so I just didn’t participate. I think that next time I am stumped by them I’ll do a post like yours. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I’ve meandered away from the actual topics a few times. I’ve debated just opting out quite frequently (especially when it seems like the topics are so similar week-t0-week). But, instead of doing that I keep trying to push myself and get creative on how I can tweak it. Thanks for reading!

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  3. This is too much fun! I love children’s books and have a nice pile of them here. They are all the better when they are holiday themed. As for The Little House books…they are among my all time favorite. I was a homeschool mom and taught an entire two year unit study built around the books.


    1. Glad you liked my topic. The Little House books are so good. I remember loving them as a child. I’ve been debating rereading them. It’d be so much fun to rediscover and re-analyze them. Thanks so much for reading!


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