Mash-Up Monday – Goosebumps and My Bookmark Collection

Hey everyone, I’m deviating from tags this week and trying something new on this dreary Monday.

So, first off, I just want to talk about how much I absolutely adored the Goosebumps movie. I caved and went to see it last Thursday with my mom. I had super high expectations for it against my better judgement. It was hard not to, since I grew up reading the books. And, I’m so happy to say I was not let down at all.


This movie was so good. I loved everything about it. The story was flawless, the actors and characters were fabulous, and I found myself laughing out loud on many occasions.

I loved that they made the movie humorous, since R.L. Stine actually said he never meant to scare anyone with his books; he was going for humor the whole time. (I mean, these books terrified me as a kid, so I don’t know about that.) But, I think it’s totally awesome that this was more of a comedy/thriller than horror.

It was so easy to get lost in the world this movie creates. The actors, writers, directors, and everyone else who worked on this movie did an excellent job of making this movie come to life.

So, honestly, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, get out there and see it! Even if you didn’t grow up reading the books, I think you’ll still love it. (Even my mom loved it and she hates everything.)

Also, R.L. Stine’s cameo at the end. Amazing.

Go see this movie right now. It’s worth it. 


Now, moving on to the second half of this post. I decided to show off my massive bookmark collection. I figured a short movie review wasn’t much of a post for a Monday, especially after my Sunday Review was so late and bland yesterday.

I spent all morning taking these lovely photos. Enjoy.


I really love Alice in Wonderland (as you can probably tell), so, naturally, I have an Alice bookmark.


Even though I’m more into fantasy/sci-fi/thriller, of course I have a softer side (even if it is quite a tiny side), and I do have some princess stuff as well mixed in with everything else.


And, back to the sci-fi. It should be no surprise I have a Doctor Who bookmark. (As well as all this other doctor who stuff – this is only like half of my Doctor Who collection (I’m not sorry.).)


There’s the fantasy. I love The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. So, once again, naturally I needed a bookmark emphasizing that love.


I’m seriously such a nerd. (Once again, I’m not sorry.) (Also, this isn’t even all the Star Trek books that I own, just a sampling.) Sheldon Cooper knows how to keep my spot when I’m reading.


You knew it was coming. Harry Potter obviously consumes the most of my bookmark collection. I’ve been collecting them for quite a few years.


Here’s a mash-up of a few random ones that I love. Those little owls were a gift from my friend April, and the one in the low, right corner was made for me by my friend Lea.


A few nature ones. The plaque there defines my name. I’ve had since I was a baby. (It says my name means peaceful, but what’s a name meaning when they mean so many different things depending on who’s defining them, but, anyway, it’s special to me.) The Old Faithful one (along with the Yellowstone flipbook) is actually from Yellowstone. I bought it when I was there a few years ago and actually saw Old Faithful erupt, which was a pretty cool experience.


Just a few random ones. I especially love the sock monkey one! (also, that coin jar was a gift from a friend who bought it for me in Mexico. I love it.)


And, finally, last but not least, here is my Toy Story bookmark. The little alien guys are my favorite (go figure), so when I came across this on clearance at Barnes & Noble I had to get it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at my bookmark photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! Make sure to stay tuned; this week is only beginning.

Up next: Top Ten Tuesday

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Happy Reading!


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