The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel Volume 1 by Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell, and Various Illustrators

5/5 Stars

It’s that time of the week. Do you all look forward to review day as much as I do? Review days are my favorite because I love talking about books that I love. Well, sometimes I don’t get to talk about books that I love. But, today is not one of those instances. Today I get to talk about a phenomenal book and recommend it to all you lovely readers.

At the start of this book, we are introduced to a man named Jack and the family he has just murdered. Jack killed everyone except a small toddler, who happened to have wandered away before Jack got to his room. The toddler wandered all the way up to a graveyard on the hilltop of his town where his mother appears as a ghost and asks the ghosts of the graveyard to please watch over, protect, and raise her son. After some deliberation, the ghosts agree that one couple will foster the boy and the graveyard will raise him. They give him the name Nobody, because he looks like nobody they know. This story then continues with telling the adventures of Nobody (Bod) Owens as he grows up in the Graveyard. But, Jack is still in search of him to finish the job he started. Will he ever find Nobody Owens, the boy who got away?


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First, I’m going to start by saying that I haven’t actually read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaimain. But, when I found this book at the Library, I couldn’t pass it up. This was such a mistake. I finished this two weeks ago and am dying to know what happens. Where the graphic novel leaves off is such a massive cliffhanger. I need to know what happens right now. 

I’m glad to say that this has been remedied today, though! I recently opened a Barnes & Noble credit account (some of you may remember me mentioning that), and you get a free $25 gift card once you’re approved and make your first purchase. Well, my giftcard came in the mail yesterday, so guess who ordered some new books! And, one of them was The Graveyard Book (the text book not the graphic novel)!

Anyway, back to my review.

I really loved this book. It was so easy to give it 5 out of 5 stars. The writing, which I’m assuming is Gaiman’s actual text adapted, flows so nicely. I didn’t feel like big chunks were missing at all, or that the story was lacking. Since I haven’t read The Graveyard Book yet, I don’t know what was all left out from the graphic novel, but the story flowed so well, I can’t image there was too much cut – especially with this having two books in the series.

I also loved the illustrations. They are so pretty and practical and fabulous and fantastic. It’s so cool that multiple illustrators worked on this project. I loved that. Each chapter/adventure is illustrated by a different artist, and it is so awesome to see the unique style in each different section. Each artist brought their own style to the general idea, which sounds like it might be irritating – having so many different small differences, but it wasn’t at all. This just added even more to love to the story.

Overall, I cannot say enough good things about this book. I loved every aspect of it and have no complaints I recommend this to people who love graphic novels, especially those looking for sci-fi/fantasy. also recommend this to anyone looking to get into graphic novels. Give this one a shot. It weaves an awesome story and is a great sort of in between step from novel to graphic novel.

Get your copy from Book Depository here for $15.38.

I’m really hoping my Library gets the sequel to this book in, and that I can be lucky enough to come across it. I’m also so looking forward to getting Gaiman’s book in the mail by next week! That will be moved to the top of my TBR.

Coming Tomorrow: Review of The Walls Around US 

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Happy Reading!


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