Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Book-to-Film Adaptations I am Excited to See

Well, it’s that time again to make another list for Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the lovely The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is top ten book-to-film adaptions you’re excited to see or still have to see. I think I’m going to be able to list 10 movies coming soon based on books I’m dying to see. I think I got this. I’m horrible at making it to the theater, though. I’m pretty habitual when it comes to the films I watch. Like, I honestly have no idea what’s actually playing in theaters right now because I just watched The Lord of the Rings for the 256th time.

So, point of all that is that I’m going to attempt to list 10 movies that are coming/in theaters based on their books that I have read and loved. Here goes.


Mockingjay Part II 
Okay, quick confession time. I still haven’t seen Part I. I know, what a crime; it came out ages ago. Maybe I’ll see if Redbox has the first part, and, if so, I’ll rent it and then maybe splurge and take myself out to the theater.


Through the Looking Glass 
O.M.G. I have been waiting for this movie for like 5 years. Honestly, they first announced it so long ago, and I have been (trying to) patiently waiting for it. It is about time. 


Oh man, I am so excited for this movie. I think this one’s still in theaters by me. Maybe I’ll actually shell out money to see it. It looks really good! Plus, you know, I read the books so many times as a kid I have to see the movie.


The 5th Wave 
Oh man. I am so excited to see this film when it comes out. I think I’ll definitely splurge and see this one in theaters. I loved the book so much. I need this movie in my life.


A Series of Unfortunate Events 
I cannot wait till this hits Netflix. I have been looking forward to it so much since the series announcement. This is going to be a good one. I can feel it.


Ahhh, I am like actually so freaking excited to see this movie. It looks pretty sweet, and I’m pretty okay with Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but, you know, it’s kind of happening.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 
I think all us Harry Potter fans are in the same boat on this one. It cannot come soon enough. The new stills from it look so fantastic. I’m geeking.


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 
I haven’t read this book yet – I own it so I should read it soon before the movie hits theaters – but I am so so so excited for this one. Two of my favorite things combined: Yes please!


Beauty and the Beast 
This one totally counts right? It’s based off a book…sort of. Anyway, I cannot wait for this one. Emma Watson. A favorite Fairy Tale. Far of places. A Prince in disguise. Okay, yea, so anyway, I’m excited.


Dark Places 
Okay, I know this one is out already, but I just finished reading Flynn’s book this last weekend, and I really want to see this movie – so it counts. I hope that the adaptations is as good as the one of Gone Girl. 

I don’t go to the movies too often, but there are so many good ones coming! I think I’m going to be taking myself on lots of dates in the next year.

What movies are on your Top Ten? Do we have any in common? Leave your link in the comments so I can read what you’re dying to see!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of The Graveyard Book, Vol. 1 graphic novel adaptation, so stick around.

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Happy Reading!


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