Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Wishes from the Book Genie

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I was once again MIA at the beginning of this week. I had a busy weekend so I spent all day Sunday snuggling on the couch watching zombie movies in preparation of the new Walking Dead episode (which was, of course, phenomenal). Then, yesterday, I was still not fully recovered, apparently, and couldn’t resist binging on all the Halloween (the actual movies not just the general concept) movie marathon on amc. They played 7 of them! In a row! I didn’t get anything done yesterday (well, except for a few insignificant things anyway).

I’ll add last week’s updates in with next week’s Sunday Review, in case you’re super curious.

Now, the good news is I’m back for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is 10 wishes I’d ask the Book Genie to grant me. I think this week I’m going to list 10 general capabilities, as a reader, that I would ask the Book Genie for. Let’s see how this plays out. I haven’t really planned this, so I’m about to find out what my truest wishes would be.


I would wish for the ability to be immune to reading slumps. It sucks to be in the slumps.


I would want the ability to gauge if a book I pick up is going to be a right fit for me. I wouldn’t want anything spoiled, but just for the verification that I’m going to enjoy the book I’m spending money on.


I’m sure this next ability is one that almost all readers want. The ability to will myself into a fictional world and come and go as I please. How cool would it be to just be like I want to live in the Harry Potter universe for awhile and magically you’re welcomed back home by all your fictional friends.


I would wish for the ability to make it rain just over my house or apartment, so that I can have a rainy day off to read in bed any time that I want.


I would definitely wish for a reading position that was always comfy so I wouldn’t have to play tetris with my body trying to find the perfect body angle, only to have to move 20 minutes later because something was bent wrong or is numb.


A must wish is for a Marauders book series from J. K. Rowling. I need more Harry Potter in my life, and I need it now.


One of my biggest book fantasies since I’ve been in elementary school is the idea that you have a VCR (Hey, this idea came to light when VCRs were in their prime – don’t hate.) for books. You would like push your book into the VCR like a VHS tape and it would play out the whole book in a movie exactly how you imagined it in your head. Yea, I’d wish for a magical, book-reading, movie-creating VCR.


I’d wish to never run out of shelf space. I don’t know exactly how that would work, but I’d want it to.


I would wish to not get distracted so much while reading. It’s hard for me to sit still for long periods of time and read, typically – unless I’m reading a book I’m super into. I have to get up and walk around or do something and what not. So I’d wish to be able to read long bouts at a time (preferably during the rainy day I created).


The last wish. I guess it better be a good one. I’d wish for a Harry Potter TV series. I know a lot of people won’t agree with me on this, but I think that Harry Potter is enough of a classic and it’s been enough years that this series could totally be re-imagined into a 7 season TV show where the title of each chapter is an episode. I think it would be cool. I’m 100% here for this.

Well, there you have it. My top ten bookish wishes. These were actually surprisingly hard to come up with. But, I hope you enjoyed (and can probably relate to) the ten wishes I’d make if I came across a Book Genie.

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Wishes from the Book Genie

  1. I think a HP show would be a splendid idea! Only if the movies didn’t exist though… just because I adore them way too much and don’t want another cast taking up the HP roles. And the rainy day wish one was so cute, haha. I would love to have more days to just read. Lately, I’ve been so busy and have fallen into a reading slump. Reading slumps don’t bother me too much though. AND OH GOSH, me too! Instead of it being a distraction I have trouble reading at ease when I know there’s a ton of other things I should be doing. When I read I tend to be procrastinating with something else. Oh well! XD


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