Sorry About Today’s Review Everyone!

I know I promised a review today, but I’m leaving for Florida for the weekend tomorrow and my friend and I have been trying to figure out transportation for like the last hour and we’re still in a jumbled mess about it. So, sorry, but there will be no review today! I also might not get out my posts next Sunday or Monday since I haven’t seen this friend in almost a year and she is more important than my blog. So, long story short, I might be MIA for a bit, but it’s just temporary. I will be back! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Happy Reading!Β 


4 thoughts on “Sorry About Today’s Review Everyone!

    1. Thanks Summer! We got it all figured out. And also learned a valuable lesson: never wait until the night before you fly in somewhere to plan out how you’re getting from the airport to you hotel. Hahaha.

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      1. Yea, it gets really hectic haha, especially when you’re planning with someone who lives in a different state. We had no idea what we were doing. But, everything worked out, so that’s good πŸ™‚

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