Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books to Read if you Like Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I told you all I’d be back on track today! I’m still a little late, but I’m here at least. And, since I’m here, it’s time for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s topic, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is top ten books to read if you like ____ book or author. I’m choosing to suggest some books based on the themes and characters in Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

So, here we go. Some books that are related in some way, in my opinion, to Throne of Glass.

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Yes, yes, yes, I know. I’ve recommended this book a million times already. But, you would be wrong if you think I won’t recommend this book until the day I die. And, even then, with my last gasping breath, I’d probably still try to choke out, “Read Nimona.” To read my full review of this text, click here.



Yep, also going to recommend this one again. I love this book so much. I seriously can’t recommend it enough. Plus, it’s sci-fi/fantasy with a strong female lead, so it totally falls under the same category as Throne of Glass. Justified.



Although I wasn’t a huge fan of this book, I’m still going to include it in this list. It’s a decent, easy read and it has a huge Throne of Glass feel. Many people, unlike me, are really enjoying this book, so it seems right to include it. To read my full review of this text, click here.



More of a dystopian/sci-fi setting than a fantasy setting, but still includes a strong female character and a good, high-intensity story. A lot of readers have already read this, but, if you haven’t, I recommend this series.



Another dystopian/sci-fi series that almost everyone has read. But also one that I’m still going to recommend. I keep meaning to do a re-read of this series. Hopefully soon!



A series I’m so in love with, and one that’s also back on track, sort of, with the Throne of Glass themes. A great read, this series will take you on a grand adventure. To read my full review of this trilogy, click here.



I have yet to finish this series, but I did really enjoy the first book. It’s very Throne of Glass-esque. It’s a nice quick read, the first one at least, with a good story line.



Of course these books are great for the adventure and strong female characters seeker. If you, like so many other people, have already read this series (or even multiple times already like me), go read it again, especially if you have a book hangover to nurse.



Another book I’ll recommend until my last breath. A fun tale of adventure and humor filled with lovable and love-to-hatable characters.



Last, but not nearly least, an absolute favorite of mine. Gotta love a trip down to wonderland. A nice fantasy and a strong female lead, even though she is quite young. Still, without a doubt, a grand adventure.

This Top Ten Tuesday was actually really hard for me. It was hard to come up with a topic, and it was hard to come up with recommendations based on my topic. I’m probably going to go read all the other bloggers’ Top Ten Tuesdays that I follow and be disappointed in myself and my choices. But, oh well. They came from the heart. And I really do love and recommend all these books heartily. Have a super fabulous Tuesday everyone.

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Happy Reading! 


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books to Read if you Like Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

  1. I have tried to read A Wrinkle in Time SO MANY TIMES. I think I was originally too young to understand it but I really wanted to read it so I just kept trying over and over again..then I never actually read it 😦 It’s on my TBR though. I will read it some day.


    1. I can understand how it’s hard to get into. It’s quite a strange story, haha! I hope, once you actually get around to it again, you enjoy it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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