Spider-Girl Presents Wild Thing: Crash Course by Larry Hama and Ron Lim

3/5 Stars

Hey everyone! It’s Thursday and I’m back with another review, of course. I picked up this book at Half Price Books, since I really enjoyed the Spider-Girl compilation I read. So I figured, why not? Plus, it was only $3.50, so not really much of a loss if I didn’t like it. But, I was not impressed with this short little book. Wild Thing was cancelled after the 5th comic, and that really doesn’t surprise me at all.

Wild Thing, Rina, is the daughter of Wolverine and Elektra. She is in high school and also a super hero in training. She goes to a cliquey school and is in love with the popular guy, but he’s dating the popular girl, or so she thinks. She has the normal struggles of any teenager with school and finding her place in the world, all of this on top of constantly having to fight bad villains is enough to stress anyone out.

If you think my description makes this book sound cliché, well, I can’t say you would be wrong. This book is so cliché. The cliques. The popular girl. The popular guy. The outcast hiding a secret who wants to be popular but won’t be. Ugh. I hated it. It was my least favorite part of this short book. I found myself rolling my eyes on multiple occasions. It was ridiculous. The only saving grace for this was that Rina was a strong character and did other things besides worry about blending in with the popular crowd.

However, even though Rina appears to be a strong character on the surface, she is all together a very shallow character, like all the other characters. There was no depth to anyone. What you see is what you with them, unfortunately. None of the characters really have any type of individual personality. The characters were just so blah. It was disappointing when Spider-Girl had such developed characters. I know I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up, since they were written by different people, but I was kind of hoping.

Oh well. What can ya do? At least the story was decent. It wasn’t great. It didn’t blow me away. It wasn’t something I was dying to get to the end of. But, it was alright. No plot holes. A good amount of action. The story outside of the clichés was fine. I didn’t have to force myself to finish this book, but I wasn’t dying to find out what would happen either. Even if the series wasn’t cancelled and there were more comics added, I probably wouldn’t pick them up.

My final complaint is that there was also a few comics involving J2, the son of the Juggernaut, just randomly thrown into the series with no warning and no background explanation of why they might be there. And there were like 4 or 5 of them. I don’t know if it would have been revealed if the comic series continued, but it was just weird. Especially since he has his own book series (or at least one book to himself – I haven’t read it). I just didn’t like this aspect. It took away from Wild Thing’s (although mediocre) story.

Well, this has been a really negative and short review. I didn’t really mean for that to happen, but there’s not too many positive things to say about this series. Did I enjoy it? Yea, it was decent. Would I recommend it? Probably not. Maybe to a much younger audience, like a middle-school or early high school age group. But, a good story should be able to be enjoyed by all ages. Definitely don’t go out of your way to read this.

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say. It took me forever to finish this review today and I didn’t even write much substance (watching Doctor Who while writing this probably wasn’t the best idea). Sorry if this was a bit of a disappointment. But, anyway, that’s it for me this week. I hope you all have a super fantastic weekend!

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Happy Reading! 


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