Tag Tuesday – Bath & Body Works Book Tag

Summer @xingsings tagged me for this awhile ago. And, I’m falling behind even more on tags since I skipped doing a tag last week, but I am back with one this week, because how could I resist taking pictures of my books 2 weeks in a row. I really love the idea of this Bath & Body Works tag. It seems so fun. I’m sure it will be fun. Tags are fun. I always appreciate when people tag me in fun things 🙂

Okay, enough rambling. On with the tag! 

(click each photo to be redirected to the book’s Goodreads page)

Pure Paradise: A book that was simply perfection.


The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde is my favorite play. As you can tell by the fact that I own 2 copies of it. It’s so much fun and full of so much to analyze and comment on. I absolutely love it. I wrote a paper on it once and that made me love it even more, since I delved even deeper into the story and all it’s (potentially – who knows, Oscar Wilde is dead – ) hidden messages and meanings.

Sweet Pea: A romance/contemporary novel that you really enjoyed.


This one was actually hard for me. I’m not big in the romance/contemporary genre, so, (and avoiding the few that I’ve read that I’ve already posted previously) this was the closest that I got. I absolutely loved Ari and Dante. Everything about this read was perfect.

Fresh Strawberries: A book you really enjoyed that came out this year.


Oh my goodness, this book was so good. I think this one has tied with The Martian by Andy Weir as my favorite read so far this year. They were both so good. This was definitely my favorite published-this-year book!

Warm Vanilla Sugar: A character and/or book that made you feel all warm and smiley.


Taking it back a few years, I read this book when in my early years of college (I believe  – I don’t think it was as far back as high school). It’s definitely one that makes you feel happy. A family takes in a rescued dog that was severely wounded in a dog fight. They rehabilitate him and make him a part of the family. A great rescue, feel-good story.

Paris Amour: A couple you majorly ship.


Okay, I’ve only read Throne of Glass, which you already know if you read my Top Ten Tuesday post earlier today. But, I’m a total Chaol/Celeana shipper. I don’t care what happens. I don’t care if they’re not together. I don’t care if they never get together. (No spoilers!) I ship them, hard.

Dancing Waters: A book that takes place on a beach/perfect beach read.


Okay, not exactly even close to a beach read, but this is another genre I kind of struggle with. Plus, I don’t go to the beach much. And, the last time I was at a beach beach, I was reading The Martian – not exactly a super beach-esque read. Anyway. The Grim Grotto technically takes place on a beach, so there you have it. My answer, I guess. At least my books look pretty in this photo.

 Cake Books: Favorite book/character.


Well, I’ve already previously stated (probably on more than one occasion) that Roonil Wazlib (Ron Weasley) from Harry Potter is one of my favorite characters from my favorite series, so I’m going to mix it up this time and choose someone different from another favorite series. Although Michonne is not my favorite character in The Walking Dead comic series, she’s my favorite in the TV series, and I wanted an excuse to show off the Pop Vinyl of her that my friend, April, got for me. For the record, Andrea is my favorite character in the comic. (Also for the record, yes, that is a Simpson’s parody comic of Guardians of the Galaxy in the back.)

Winter Candy Apple: A book set around Christmas or during winter.


Okay, confession: I haven’t actually read A Christmas Carol, but I was struggling with this question, and it’s the only thing that was coming to my mind. So, there you have it – a wintery book.

Beautiful Day: A book with an unusual/interesting/appealing setting.


Mars is a pretty unusual/interesting/appealing setting in my opinion. It definitely made for a great story. And, I mean, it’s not so strange a setting for Science Fiction, but I mean, it’s a pretty cool setting. So, validated. (Maybe?) … (I just wanted an excuse to show of this pretty book.)

Dazzling Diamonds: Gorgeous cover(s).


Gahhh, LOOK AT THIS COVER! *starts drooling* I came across this hardcover beaut at Half Price Books, and it was only $7! Of course I had to buy it. I haven’t read it yet, but just look at this cover. I honestly can’t get enough of it.

Yay, that was super fun! Thanks again Summer for tagging me!

I Tag: 
Trisha Ann @thebookgasm
Maria @marwhalreads
Alicia @caffieneandbooks
SamanthaWho @dreambyday
Caitlin @caitlinsternwrites
Evie @justanotherbelle

I’m sorry if you’ve already been tagged for this, and please don’t feel like you’re under any obligations to actually do this. But, if you have already done this, please feel free to put your link in the comments; I’d love to read you answers 🙂

If you missed today’s Top Ten Tuesday earlier, and want to read it, click here.

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12 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday – Bath & Body Works Book Tag

  1. YAY I love getting tagged in things!! I will do this ASAP! Hopefully!

    Importance of Being Earnest is so great! One of my favorite plays ever. I actually really like the movie, too. Have you seen it?


    1. Yay, glad you’re going to participate! I love the movie version! It’s so good! I don’t own many movies, but I do have a copy of that one 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The Martian is so worth the read. It’s a fantastic story and hilarious! Woops, haha sorry. I thought I had read the people who Summer tagged closely, but I guess not!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome! There’s absolutely no rush. I’m super behind on tags too! (I was tagged in this one months ago and just finally got around to it!)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had no idea you read Stephen King, Ashley! I’m not surprised though since he’s the king of horror. I haven’t read anything by him but i have a friend that loves his books so much. And The Importance of Being Earnest is a play I really want to read. One of my literature teachers in high school was supposed to have a lesson on it but I guess we never got to it. XD


    1. Yea, I love Stephen King. Although, I haven’t read too much by him so far. I own a ton of his stuff, though. It’s just a matter of, like everything else, finding time to read it!
      The Importance of Being Earnest is great! Really comical too. I hope you enjoy once, if ever, you get around to it 😀


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