We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Another Thursday, another review. Hope everyone’s been having a good week so far! Today I’m going to talk briefly about a short essay I read. This little book has been on my to-read list for roughly a year, and I finally got my hands on it during my last vacation. Of course, given that it’s so short and that I’ve been wanting to read it for such a long time, I read it the very next day after buying it. And, I was not disappointed.

This is a very short essay, less than 100 pages large print, that is based on a Tedx Talk Adichie did. Adichie discusses her experiences as an African Woman and how being a woman affects her everyday life, especially in her hometown. Africa is still very behind overall on the feminist movement, so Adichie must face issues that arise on a daily basis. But, Adichie goes even further than her own experiences and talks, as well, about why everyone should consider them a feminist and why we should continue to fight for women’s rights.

I have not watched Adichie’s Tedx Talk, but I am absolutely intrigued now and will probably watch it one of these days. Adichie is well-spoken and isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said. She makes multiple great points throughout her essay and puts things in a perspective that is easy for everyone to understand. I found myself getting chills during most of her stories and strong sentences. By the end I was a blubbering mess wanting to shout my praises of this book to the top of the world and ends of the earth.

Adichie’s writing is simple and straightforward yet powerful. She knows what she is trying to say, knows the points she wants to make, and has no problem executing and making those points. She is a strong writer and capable of making her readers think, not just while reading, but long after as well. I can only imagine that she is an exceptionally strong speaker too.

I was supposed to read a book by this author during one of my online classes in college. But, it was the last book of the semester, I was graduating in 2 weeks, and I was not mentally in a mood to read what was like my 20th book of the semester (3 literature classes will exhaust you, trust me – especially when you have to read Ulysses for one of those classes). So, I skipped it. I wrote my paper; I included citations from the book I didn’t read; I made some way out there points; I turned it in; I got an A. And, it’s now one of my biggest regrets. You know, it’s strange, because when I was writing that paper I felt connected with a book that I hadn’t actually read, but maybe I was just feeling a subconscious connection with an author I was definitely supposed to form an attachment too. I’m even sadder because I sold the book back to the bookstore in hopes of getting a few dollars back.

But, I will definitely be working to read all of Adichie’s works from now on and will absolutely be on the lookout for her at the used bookstore and hopefully will find her.

This is a short little book that We Should All Read. It’s full of great points and makes it clear why, even if you don’t personally need feminism, the world still needs feminism. There are many women still struggling for rights, especially in poorer (developing) countries. Adichie writes a beautiful piece on why it’s essential we stay wide awake to women’s struggles and what we can do to help. I highly recommend this short essay. I promise it only take about an hour to read, and is so worth it.

Well, that’s it for me for the week. Have a fantastic weekend everyone! I will be back on Sunday with a wrap up in case you missed anything this week.

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