The Martian by Andy Weir

5/5 Stars

Hey everyone; it’s review day! I’m so excited for this review today because I get to talk about my new favorite science fiction novel, besides The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – I don’t think anything will top that, but, for now, onto the review of my new favorite science fiction novel. Holy cow this was a thrill ride from beginning to end and I adored every single second of it.

Mark Watney is a botanist astronaut that is part of a team that recently landed on Mars planning to stay for a month in order to observe and collect data about its surface. But, things go wrong immediately. There’s a huge dust storm that forces the team to evacuate before hardly even starting. Everyone makes it to the space shuttle except Mark Watney, who has been impaled by an antenna, causing his space suit to rupture and insuring almost certain death. The rest of the team has no choice but to abandon the mission and their crew-mate and head home. But, Mark Watney is not dead. And now, he is stuck on the surface of Mars with supplies designed to last 1 month and has no hope of rescue for the next 4 years. Or does he? What happens when NASA finds out he’s still alive and what actions do they take to save their dear astronaut, Mark Watney?

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Okay, now that that’s out of the way. Deep breaths. Where do I start with this fantastic book?

I guess I could start with the first sentence. You know it’s going to be a wild ride when the first sentence of a book starts out like this one did:

“I’m pretty much fucked.”

I kid you not. That is the first line of this book. And, I can tell you, that on most occasions in this book, I was convinced that Mark Watney was just that. Weir is so cruel to his character. Oh my goodness. With everything that happened to Watney, he definitely should have been dead. I was on the edge of my seat from page 1 until the very last page of this novel. Wow. Weir knows how to execute tension. I haven’t read a book this filled with anticipation in…I can’t even remember the last time, especially a sci-fi, action-adventure one. I’m just. I’m so in awe of this book I can honestly barely even write this review because I want to say so much but I lack the ability to describe how brilliant this book is.

Weir’s writing is just as good as his execution of tension. Holy wow can this man write. There were very few errors I noticed and the ones I did notice, I didn’t even care about because the story was so damn good. For this mans debut novel it was absolutely phenomenal. I mean, I may be biased because I love this genre so much, but it was so good. I may also be biased and partial because of Watney’s character’s sarcasm and wit. It was beautiful. I was literally laughing out loud so often, and I’m talking heartily out loud because I couldn’t contain myself. This book was so packed with humor and action, I just am so baffled by how well Weir wrote and executed them together.

Plus, on top of the writing and story, Weir’s characters were so well developed. I honestly feel like Watney is a real person and I first-hand witnessed his Mars struggle. That is how realistic, well told, and awesome this story is. I found each and every character had a personality of their own and was multi-dimensional in their specialty. Weir also did an awesome job of writing strong characters that are also weak, which makes them even stronger characters. His characters are realistic showing strength when appropriate, but also breakdowns when appropriate. I also love the diversity he’s included in his story. He definitely included multiple races. The only thing that could have made this story better for me would have been just a few more strong female characters. I was actually really impressed that he included quite a few (something rare for a male writer in this genre), and I loved the ones that Weir created, but I would have just liked maybe 2 more. Then this book would have been even more perfect.

One last thing I want to touch on that’s kind of a really cool factoid is that NASA actually confirmed all of Weir’s facts that he wrote in this book. I saw that some people were disappointed by this because it “takes the fiction out of science fiction,” but I think that it’s super cool. Like Weir is not just writing nonsense (not that nonsense is bad because nonsense is usually all fine and dandy with me), but his story actually has the potential to happen. And it doesn’t take out the fiction, because this hasn’t happened yet. NASA’s just saying that if this scenario were to actually arise, Weir’s facts would be correct. I don’t know. I think that’s so cool.

Okay, I’ve officially worked myself back into an uncontrollable fan girl state and should probably end my review now unless you want to read me continually writing incoherent sentences like this kaldjf ;kajflkj ; because this book has me in such a right state.

I’m super looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out. I geek every time the preview comes on TV. But, I’m trying to not get my hopes up, because the movie will probably, hopefully not, let me down. Plus, I don’t know about this whole Matt Damon (who keeps leaving him in space anyway?) playing Mark Watney. I just don’t know if he can pull off the witty man that I’ve grown to love. We’ll see. Ahhhh.

But anyway, that’s al beside the point. The point is, if you haven’t already, go read this book the second you get the chance. I honestly think that you don’t even have to be a huge fan of science fiction to enjoy this book, especially since it has that humorous tone as well. I’ve noticed plenty of people I’m friends with on Goodreads who don’t generally enjoy the genre and they still enjoyed this one! Just one more important thing: The language is really hard to adjust to and get into at first, but push past it and let yourself get lost in the world Weir creates. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading everyone. Send me the links to your top Ten Tuesdays so I can see what’s on your list! Please feel free, as always, to add/follow/chat with me on the following platforms:Tumblr,Goodreads,InstagramFacebook. And, if you want to add me on Snapchat, just message me on any of the previously listed platforms, and I will give you my username.


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