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Hey everyone! I can’t believe that I’m going to go off topic again this week, but I’m feeling a bit off today, and I am lacking all power to put words together to create an intellectual, readable argument or insight related to books. And, part of the reason that I am feeling off today is because I watched 2 movies last night and stayed up way past my bedtime to watch them. I had a rent one get one free at the Redbox and I decided to take advantage of that.

So, long story short, since it’s Monday and Monday starts with M and Movies also start with M, welcome to Movies Monday instead of Musings Monday. Here’s just a few good movies I’ve watched recently. (I don’t watch a ton of TV, so when I say recently, I mean in the last few months.)

Click on each photo to be directed to the trailer for each movie.

Entity – Horror/Suspense/Thriller (2012)
This is a movie that I was pleasantly surprised with. I’m a sucker for Suspense Horror, but it’s so hard to find Horror that has both a good storyline and some strong female characters. I was a bit disappointed in Netflix with this one’s suggested rating for me, only a meager 2 stars, when really I gave it 5 stars. I’m attributing this error to the problem I just described and, therefore, rarely do I rate the Suspense Horror I watch highly.
This British movie follows a film group who produce a reality TV documenting the supernatural. Based on a suggestion from a man who leads them to a forest where, recently, the bones of 30 bodies were discovered. They ask a psychic to come along to help them figure out what happened there. She ends up leading them to an old abandoned building, hid from the world. But, this film crew has bit off way more than they can chew. What will happening to this group? Will They all make it out alive? Or will the outcome be much more sinister?
This movie was filled with suspense beyond belief. I was scared. I even watched a few scenes through parted fingers. It may have been that I was watching it at night in a hotel in a strange place, the bedroom window open to all the strange sounds of the night, but that’s beside the point. It takes quite a bit to scare me; I’ve grown up watching horror (thanks to a brother way older than me who showed me so many movies I shouldn’t have been watching). So, my point is, I thought this movie was an A+ effort, and I highly recommend it.
5/5 Stars

The Descent Part 2 – Horror/Suspense (2009)
First off, if you haven’t already seen The Descent do not watch part 2. The Descent is one of my favorite horror movies of all time (easily a 5/5 Star rating). It follows a group of women spelunkers who have gotten back together for a reunion after a year to take a trip down a cave and hopefully have a great weekend doing so. But, after finding themselves stuck in a cave they’re not familiar with, things get even worse when they discover they’re not alone. Seriously, if you have not yet watched this British horror movie, go do so immediately.
Back to Part 2. This sequel was picked up by an American who worked with the first movie. He brought the script back to America. I wasn’t originally going to watch this, because I usually hate sequels and most of the time don’t even care to see how badly the storyline of the original movie has been screwed up. But, I found this one on TV and decided to record it because why not. That was months ago, and I finally got around to watching it this last week.
The first thing I want to say, is you have to go into this movie expecting a sequel and not a new masterpiece. That’s what I did, and, given that, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s 2 days after the group of women have gone down in the cave and a rescue team has been sent after them. One women has come out and, after a health exam, was asked to back down in the cave to help find the rest of her friends. I’ll admit that it was ridiculous how they got the girl back down in the cave, but once you get past that, the movie gets better.
It sounded like many people were upset because there were no new thrills in this movie. Obviously there are not going to be any different thrills in the sequel where the monster has already been established in the first movie. We already know what’s down in the cave. You can’t just change that to someone else. Expecting that, I found myself on the edge of my seat wondering who was going to survive and getting invested in each persons story. But, the main reason I really liked this movie was it’s applauded diverse cast and political jibes. (I could rant about this movie and feminism for hours. Hit me up if you’re interested.) I thought there were some great things happening along with getting to watch a decent Horror/Suspense movie. I would definitely recommend this movie.
3/5 Stars

Alien Abduction – Horror/Suspense/Science Fiction (2014)
This is a movie that Netflix suggested to me, probably given my addiction to any type of alien movie or TV show, and another one I was pleasantly surprised with. This movie is about a family that is heading on vacation when their GPS goes awry and ends up leading them to a road tunnel in the middle of nowhere where recently an (hence the title) alien abduction has taken place. Since they’ve been driving on backroads and have been miles away from any gas station, the car quickly runs out of gas and the family must continue to try and avoid a fate of abduction.
Viewed through an 11-year-old autistic boy’s camera, this film definitely gives off a sort of Blaire Witch-type setting and execution. And, honestly, the film was only slightly better than The Blaire Witch Project. And, that may be solely my opinion since I have such an affinity for Alien flicks. But, I do think that this film was decently executed and worth a watch, especially for you Sci-Fi and/or alien fans like me, even if the acting was pretty mediocre. Plus, you know, if you really want to freak yourself out, it’s based on a true story. So there’s that.
3.5/5 Stars

The One I Love – Romantic Comedy/Mystery/Thriller/Drama/Sci-Fi (2014)
Okay, finally moving away from Horror, this is a movie that is all together utterly impossible to explain. Seriously, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Heck, I didn’t even know what to classify this as, as you can tell by my attempted classification above. Two lovers who have recently been having a hard time with their marriage embark on a weekend getaway to a resort suggested by the counselor they are currently seeing.
But, this couple gets way more than they bargained for when they walk into the guest house and discover absolute perfect duplicates of what they each wish their spouse could be. I know, I’m not making any sense. It’s impossible to make sense while trying to talk about this movie. Really, it’s a critique on what it means to have false expectations of (as the title would suggest) the one you love.
I can’t describe this movie any further, but I urge you to go watch it. It’s phenomenal, and I loved every minute of it. Watching this, you would not believe me if I told you this was a low budget film and the dialogue was completely unscripted (which is true, so believe it). You just need to watch it. I loved it. Amazing acting, scene setting, and ending – especially for those of you, like me, who like a good open ending. Watch this movie immediately.
5/5 Stars.

Kingsman: The Secret Service – Comedy/Thriller (2014)
I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into with this movie. I had seen stills and quotes from this movie, but they did not prepare me for what exactly was going to happen, and I’m not complaining about that. I finally watched this movie just last night and could not believe how much I loved it. Seriously, I was laughing so hard I was crying. This movie is satire at it’s absolute best. Satirical movies are my ultimate favorite (which would explain why The Princess Bride is my favorite movie of all time), and it’s honestly so hard, like finding a good Suspense Horror movie, to find a really good satire. (If you’re looking for other suggestions as well, two of my other favorites are Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz).
This movie follows a group of secret agents (including secret agent Colin Firth in a snazzy suit and glasses wielding an umbrella as a weapon), one of which has just died, and the group is currently conducting a systematic challenge of tests to find a replacement. While this is happening, Samuel L. Jackson is trying to take over the world (in a sense) and believes himself a biblical hero.
Although a satire of James Bond spy movies, this movie is definitely not about James Bond as it, constantly and humorously, reminds you. It takes everything that happens in a typical (James Bond) spy movie and makes it borderline ridiculous. I read a review of this movie where the person stated that the movie was stupid because it was too ridiculous and not realistic. I wanted to, but restrained myself, from commenting along the lines of but that’s what satire is. And that’s also why it’s so hard to pull off because you need just the right amount of unrealistic things mixed in realistic things so it just barely crosses the line between you feeling like you’re watching a normal movie and reminding you that you’re actually watching something comical.
I’m just really passionate about satire. Sorry not sorry about that.
But, long story short. If you haven’t already seen this movie and especially if you love humor/satire, go watch this one right now. 
I also suggest you watch the Honest Trailer done for this movie – preferably after you watch the movie – because that’s hilarious as well.
5/5 Stars

Mortdecai – Comedy (2015)
Finally, only one more movie to talk about. This one stars Johnny Depp, so obviously I had to see it. This is the movie that kept me up past my bedtime last night and it was so, so very worth it. I’m usually never disappointed with a Depp film and this one was no exception. I adored every second of this movie. Jeff Golblum, Gwyneth Paltrow (who is the brains to everything in this movie, and I adore her character), Paul Bettany, and Ewan McGregor also star in this film, making it even more of a must see.
In this film, a famous piece of artwork goes missing and an agent (Ewan McGregor) teams up with scum of the underworld illegal art dealer, Mortdecai (Johnny Depp). They both try to solve the case in order to win over or win back the affection of Mortdecai’s wife (Gwyneth Paltrow), but really it’s her who continues to solve the crime. Full of fun, humor, and a few heartfelt moments, this is a must watch for a lover of comedy/satire (again with the satire – it was brilliant). I was laughing so hard. I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Everything was so funny. There was never a dull moment. How did I get lucky watching two humorous, satirical movies in one night? It was honestly blissful.
This is a must must must watch. I adored it and am sad that I don’t actually own this movie so I can watch it 50 more times. (I rarely watch a movie more than once, but this one and Kingsmen I wouldn’t hesitate to watch at least a few more times.)
5/5 Stars

Well, sorry for digressing off the typical topic of books. But, maybe I helped you find some movies for your next movie night? I don’t know; I’m just happy I got to finally get my feelings about some of these movies out. They were all, honestly, so good. It’s amazing to be able to talk about books, but since books basically run my life, I rarely get to talk about good movies. Maybe I’ll make this a monthly feature. Thoughts on that anyone?

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