Hey, everyone. So I did pretty well on keeping up with my posts last week! Unfortunately, I had nothing planned or written up ahead of time for this week. So, I think I’ll just post a little about my trip and then maybe do a tag or two this week. I’m still pretty disoriented after a super long hellish day yesterday (It took me about 32 hours to get home between the flight back from Germany, being delayed for hours in the Atlanta, Georgia, airport and then having to drive home from Chicago!), but my trip was so completely worth it.

Without further ado, here are some photos from my trip! I’m sorry if I’m uploading way too many, but it was hard to pick just a few! Feel free to skip over this post if it’s not what you’re looking to read about.


Nymphenburg Palace in Munich Germany. This place was so expansive, I couldn’t believe it. So gorgeous, especially inside!


That’s me at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. That beer was huge! But somehow I finished it. What can I say, I’m German 😛


Went to the Dachau concentration camp site. That was definitely a sobering experience – to walk where so many victims had walked before. A somber and sad morning, to say the least.

neuwshaunsteinneuwshaunstein me

Neuschwantstein Castle on the border of Germany and Austria. The inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle and also the Disney logo. What an amazing and super interesting place.


Stopped in Innsbruck, Austria, on our way to Venice, Italy. Such a cool little town! So picturesque. I absolutely loved it. A great place to have lunch.

venicedesserts venice

Venice was my favorite stop on the trip. I am so in love with Italy. Do any of you live there? I’d love to move! Or at least get a part time apartment there or something. I took a big Italy trip about 5 years ago and completely forgot just how much I love it there until being reunited!

bus reading swiss alps

I took To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee along for the trip. I was, unfortunately, constantly exhausted, so I didn’t get much reading time. But I snuck some in while driving through the Swiss Alps.


Pictures from my stay in Switzerland. The first is the view from my hotel room in Engelberg in the alps. Such a beautiful little town! I got lucky and had a bathtub in my hotel room, so I took a hot, long bath while listening to Bob Dylan in the Swiss Alps. How cool is that? The second picture is from out trip down to Lucerne. What an amazing town. So pretty. I loved walking around there!

panorama alps

We also went up up up into the Swiss Alps to the top of Mount Pilatus via a boat and the steepest tram in the world. (I think that’s what I read.?) 7,000 feet up! It was definitely hard to breath up there, but the view was so worth being a little short of breath.

black forest

Then travelled to Frankfurt, Germany, but stopped in the Black Forest region on the way. Looked like a storm was rolling in, but it never actually reached us.

library heidelbergheidelberg castle

College library in Heidelberg. I was so tempted to just spend the whole day inside! Even though I don’t speak German. The second picture is Heidelberg castle, which we got to go up to and into for some exploring. It’s from the 14th century and was absolutely a cool site.


But alas, all good things must come to an end. Even though I felt pretty rough yesterday (including a claustrophobic and exhaustion panic attack before take off on the plane last night), this entire trip was so incredibly worth it. I loved every minute of it. I had so many great experiences and met so many great people! An experience I wouldn’t trade anything for.

group photo

Are any of you from any of these areas? I’d love to know. I’m curious now that I’ve been to all of them! I can’t wait to find out where my next big trip will take me 😀


14 thoughts on “I’M BACK

  1. Your trip looks amazing!! I also LOVE Italy and went on a road trip there recently. And I’ve never been to Switzerland but your pictures look so beautiful! Glad you enjoyed your holiday 🙂

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    1. That’s so cool that you used to live in Germany! While I was there I discovered just how German my family/hometown actually is. My heritage is 100% German, so it was cool to see how that’s affected my life, even though I thought it didn’t really consequence me at all. Thanks for reading!


    1. I definitely had an amazing time 😀 I absolutely recommend all the places I went to! You need to get to Neuschwanstein castle someday! That alone would be worth the trip. It was one of my favorite stops. I absolutely loved it, and it’s such an interesting place!

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      1. I’m going to Lithuania next Fall and was trying to see if I can get there during that trip. The only problem is that I’d have to fly from Vilnius to Munich and I don’t know how to get there from the city. If only it was closer to a major city! Did you tour the castle or just see it from the outside?

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      2. Yea, it’s a pain to get to. It’s right on the Germany/Austrian border, so we had to drive an hour outside of Munich to get to it. But it was completely worth it. We did go inside, and it was absolutely phenomenal – the part that was actually finished that is. It’s crazy. The king died before the interior was done, so there’s only 1 floor of the whole castle that’s fully decorated. But, that one floor definitely took my breath away. The only thing I’m sad that I didn’t get to see is the castle viewed from a bridge that sits behind it. The bridge closed for construction the day we arrived and is schedule to be closed for the next few months. I couldn’t believe that rotten luck.

        That’s awesome that you’re heading to Lithuania! Is it for anything in particular, or just vacation?

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      3. I hope I get to go! It’s sounds awesome.
        Oh, that sucks about the bridge, though! I’ve had luck like that before- the stairs to Notre Dame were closed when I visited Paris. I didn’t know stairs could be closed. haha. Sometimes the travel gods like to play tricks.

        I’m second generation, so I finally get to see the country my grandmother left during the war. I’ll need to brush up on my Lithuanian speaking skills though. It’s going to be an extended family vacation, so I’ll be going with a lot of my cousins, aunts & uncles, etc.

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      4. The travel gods were definitely playing tricks on me on this vacation haha. It’s amazing what can be closed sometimes! That sounds like an awesome vacation! A friend of my cousin just did that with her family. A big group of about 40ish people all got together and went to Germany (amazingly enough her and I were in Germany the same week even though our trips had nothing to do with each other and were booked/planned at completely different times). She said she had an awesome time discovering her history with such a big group of her family. I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time!

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  2. I’m German, too, well Austrian. My mom was from Vienna. Used to visit when I was little and my Oma was still alive. Would love to do a comprehensive tour of the whole area. Visited Venice a few years back. Truly magical.

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    1. I definitely found out how German I actually am from visiting Germany. I wish I could have spent more time in Austria; it’s such a beautiful place! Venice was a great stop. I don’t know why I love Italy so much, but I would love to live there. It’s such a pretty country. But, then again, so are all the other countries I’ve visited. Traveling is a must for me. I’ve already started planning my next trip, haha!


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