Top Ten Tuesday

For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday The Broke and the Bookish have decided on top ten favorite bookish characters. I always have a soft spot for characters that are relatable to me in this trait, so this should be a fun topic to do! Here we go.



The first one is Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Her love of books definitely comes across in the story, as well as in the movie adaptions that I’ve seen (the 2005 one with Kiera Knightly and the 1995 BBC mini series). Elizabeth Bennet really does show up a lot on my Top Ten Tuesday lists, but I’m not sorry about that. I love her.



Charlie is a great fellow bookworm character. He reads all those books on his own that his english teacher recommends and even writes papers on them throughout his freshman year of high school. I absolutely adore this book, and this character.



Of course this little girl had to be part of my list! I was actually super late reading the book, by like 20 years. But, I adored the movie when I was a kid and was definitely not disappointed when I finally did get around to reading the book.



Alaska Young. She is a great multi-dimensional character who really loves reading and has some superb quotes about about books and reading. Although this book was incredibly sad, I still loved this character and how bookishly awesome she was.



This books hit me right in the feels. I had to read it in eight grade for english and my mom walked in on my bawling like a baby. So I figured I’d put Ponyboy on this list since he was smart, excelled at school, and read a lot, especially in the beginning of the book. I just wanted an excuse to talk about how great this book is.



Celaena Sardothien. It was a bit weird for me at first that Maas wrote this crazy badass female assassin character and then also made her a huge bookworm. But, after discovering and getting to know more of Celaena’s personality, everything fit perfectly, and I began to love this crazy assassin bookworm. I wouldn’t have her any other way.



You knew Miss Hermione Granger had to make this list. The book nerd of all book nerds. Okay, not necessarily. But, she was the first book loving character that I was introduced to who wasn’t shamed for being smart and loving school. I related to Hermione so much as a young girl, and still do. Where would my life be without her? Although, I still haven’t read Hogwarts, A History. So really, where would I be without her.



Klaus Bouldelaire. This is another series that I missed out on when I was younger. It’s my own fault. While everyone else was reading this series, I was reading Harry Potter for the 5th time. And that’s no joke. I really was still too preoccupied with Harry Potter when these books were popular during my middle school years. But, I’m currently making amends and almost done the with series. So, to wrap up this long, unnecessary, story, Klaus is a great little bookwork, and I love his character.



Jack Torrance is a writer in this novel by Stephen King that I’m sure everyone is at least familiar with, and I absolutely adore his character. Actually I just adore everything about this book. But Jack’s character is crazy, and, sweet, and insane, and sensitive all at the same time as he starts to lose his mind being cooped up in a hotel during the winter with one too many old murders he starts to dig up. This book comes highly recommended from me, if you can’t tell.

Well, there it is. Another Top Ten Tuesday all wrapped up and delivered. Who are your favorite bookish characters? Thanks for checking out mine. As always, here are my other links I can be reached at: Tumblr, Goodreads, Instagram.


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I was so close to including Jack on my list! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 🙂 Is that just in the movie? It’s been so long since I read The Shining. I love the variety of your list this week!

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