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  1. Answer the question in whatever way you prefer, whether it be a list or in a narrative form.
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Update May 17, 2015: Sorry I lied, one more rule that I’m sure Shelumiel would really appreciate. Make sure to add your link to the link collector (or whatever those are called) on his original post! It’ll be cool to see how many bloggers participated, and Shelumiel can see his handiwork on getting this tag started. I’m sure he’d love to read your response to this tag!

(Okay, so it’s not an original crafty design or a particularly good picture, but it’s late, and I’m too tired to get creative. So here is a bunch of happy emotions from Amy Poehler.)

Like I just said, I’m pretty tired tonight after having a long day at work, and I don’t really feel up to compiling a Musings Monday, especially since Monday is already just about over. So, instead, I’m participating in a tag that Summer @xingsings tagged me in awhile back already. Now, I’m going to try and come up with 10 things that make me more happy than not. I’m generally a pretty happy, optimistic person, so this shouldn’t be too hard.

I’m really afraid to take an almost solo trip to Europe that I leave for in 10 days, but I love to travel and have wanderlust burning in my soul, so I’m am way more happy than not.

Books, even the mediocre ones, always make me more happy than not.

I don’t have a very good job and often feel exhausted after work, but I am glad that I have money to be able to afford the necessities, including books, so I am still more happy than not.

I don’t have very many close friends, but the few that I have make my life so much richer, so I am absolutely more happy than not.

I am not a well-known author…yet…and struggle to find time to write, but I am thankful that I have the ability to write well, so I am more happy than not.

I am comfortable on my own, so I am alone a lot, but being alone has made me a highly independent person (hence me booking an almost solo trip to a foreign country (I’m from the states)), so I am more happy than not.

Sometimes my memory is too good and remembers too much that I don’t want to re-live, but I am happy that I can remember so many good times along with the bad, so I am more happy than not.

I sometimes expect too much from people and am often disappointed, but then I remember all the good things people do do for me, and I am, as ever, more happy than not.

I have gained a bit of weight that I am not too enthused about this last year, but the people in my life love me no matter what I look like, so I am more happy than not.

Some days it is hard to smile and the amount of bad days I’ve had have been too many to count, but there have been so many good days and there are so many more good days to come. I’m looking forward to a bright future, so I am, and always will try to be, more happy than not.

Well, there you have it. 10 things I am more happy than not about. I really liked this tag, and it actually made me feel a billion times better than when I left work earlier. It really is the little things in life. I’m still a bit too tried to tag people, though. I know, I’m so lazy. But I would love to hear what makes every single one of you more happy than not. So, if you want to do this, and I encourage you too, consider this a formal tag from me. Seriously! Just tag back to me or send me the link so I can read what makes all you marvelous people more happy than not 🙂

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6 thoughts on “More Happy Than Not Tag

  1. Hey Ashley. Thank you for doing the Tag! YES, I would love to read everyone’s entries! 🙂 Actually, I do read everyone’s answers and from time to time I Google search the tag so I don’t miss others who didn’t link back. So, okay. This is a personal post. I’m definitely with you on the having high expectations. I used to get really frustrated about it, both with the people around me and myself. But I think I’m in a place now where I keep in mind that it isn’t their fault that my expectations are high, you know what I mean? And that I can either rely on others and not have my expectations met OR I can find a way to do it on my own. It works in most days.


    1. This is such an awesome tag. I’m so glad you came up with it! (And that I was introduced to it through Summer @xingsings. I definitely know what you mean about the high expectations. I always tell myself exactly what you said – that it’s not others’ faults that my expectations can sometimes be so high. Thanks for reading and for the comment!

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  2. I loved reading what made you more happy than not, Ashley! I am in total agreement with most of your answers-especially the ones about being alone and having people in my life accepting me for who I am. I liked how you incorporated reading/literature but still managed to make this more personal too. Thank you for doing the tag, I’m really glad you did it! And the picture looks great and is perfect for this post. This tag is all about spreading the good vibes! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading Summer! And for tagging me! It really is a great tag. It reminded me that there are still so many good things to concentrate on!

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