Top Ten Tuesday

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish is the last ten books that came into my possession. This is tough for me, since I accumulate so many books and have a hard time keeping track of the order that I get them in. But, I will do my best to list the last ten books that I acquired. Here’s my best attempt.



Ordered this one online. I’m a sucker for zombies and have recently started to actually read the Deadpool comics, so I just had to get this one.



That’s right, I’m on volume 8 of The Walking Dead. I love this series and have been ordering the comics like crazy.



Ordered this beaut. Barnes & Noble finally had hardcover in stock, so I caved. It’s here, and I’m excited to read it soon!



I found a used hardcover of this book in perfect condition for only $6! I had to get it. There was no debate.



Came across this one at the used book store and couldn’t resist it. The X Files has been a recent obsession. It’s like this book was just waiting for me.



Another one I found used, but in wonderful condition. I was super excited to add this book to my shelves and can’t wait to read it!



Currently reading this one and loving it so far! If I wasn’t so busy and tired, I’d probably have finished it in one sitting!



Another one found used. I bought it, but didn’t keep it. Review of this is already up on my blog.



Of course I had to get this book shortly after it came out! I now need to get my hands on the fifth one, which is out already. I love this series so much.



Another one I bought used, but, like the first one, I won’t be keeping this one in the series either. Review still to come.

Well, that wraps up another Top Ten Tuesday. I actually really enjoyed this week’s topic. I always love talking about my recent book purchases and/or library visits, even though nothing I borrowed recently from the library made this list. As always, thanks for reading and please interact with me on the following platforms as well: Tumblr, Goodreads, Instagram.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Yes, I’m about half way and think it’s great! Plus, the sarcastic sense of humor is right up my alley.


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