Hawkeye vs. Deadpool by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli

5/5 Stars

So, I finally read a Deadpool comic. And I was absolutely not disappointed. I was a bit nervous of where to start with these, but, I picked this one up one day browsing at Barnes and Noble and new I had to get it. I didn’t buy it that day because let’s get real for a minute: $17 is way too much money for a comic compilation. I mean, okay, I know it’s not because a lot of work goes into comics. But, I’m poor. All of you who read comics on a regular basis, how do you afford it?? Anyway, I ended up getting this for $10 online with free shipping. So, next thing I new I was cracking open the pages and perusing the Marvel Universe again.

In this comic, Deadpool and Hawkeye find themselves faced with a villain that is trying to use brainwashing against them. It’s Halloween, so that makes things all the more interesting. It’s really hard to try and explain this comic without spoiling everything, and I don’t want to spoil anything for you if you’re planning to read this, so I’m going to leave the summary as those two sentence and move on to my actual review.

First off, I had no idea what this comic was going to be all about. Before reading this, I’ve only had experience with the Deadpool snippets that popularly circulate around tumblr. I new I wanted to jump on this bandwagon, and so I chose to start with this one. It’s so hard to no where to start when you know so little about everything. But, I started. And I really, really liked what I found.

There was definitely all the humor that I had been seeing floating around Deadpool’s character on tumblr. I was worried that the comic wasn’t going to live up to what I was learning about him little by little. But, there were plenty of laughs throughout this book, many, for me, that were out loud.

What I didn’t expect but loved about this comic was the storyline. I had no clue what to anticipate when it came to the actual storyline of Deadpool and his comics. I didn’t know if I should even expect one at all. I was so happy to find a great one. I honestly didn’t know that Deadpool even had a storyline. I was thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly, impressed with this comic. There were so many good things happening.

Another thing I loved about this short, little read was the diversity of the characters. Everyone was unique, and I felt like each one was given enough character development both in necessary back history and unique traits that each one had. There were also many kickass female characters, so that was great! These things can be hard to find in comics and, so far, I’ve been highly impressed with the whopping 2 Marvel comics I’ve read. I wish these elements would come through better in the movies (but that a discussion for a different time – maybe a musings monday).

So, all in all, I loved, loved, loved this comic and definitely recommend it to anyone who likes comics, is interested in Deadpool, or found that my review sparked something in you  telling you to read this comic. I will definitely be reading more Deadpool. I already have a copy of Night of the Living Deadpool. I’ve read a few reviews that said it was mediocre, but I’ll just have to find out for myself.

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