Musings Monday

Today I want to talk a little bit about how awesome the Library is. This is going to be a rather short musing, especially since I’m still exhausted from the weekend and work today and yesterday. So, anyway. What do I want to say about Libraries? I basically just want to talk about how great they are. Like, Libraries are SO GREAT. You get to go in and pick out as many books as you want to and take them home with you, if only for a short period of time.

Now, there are plenty of books that I couldn’t imagine not owning, but there are also plenty of books that I can’t afford or can’t wait to be able to afford. That’s where Libraries come in. You can go in there and find all kinds of awesome books that you’ve been meaning to read. And you get to read them…for free! Libraries are probably one of the best things ever created and need to be protected at all costs.

I know most of you already know this about Libraries and am sure that most of you reading this do utilize your local Library. (Bravo!) But, upon actually making a tumblr devoted to books (booklr), I am discovering that there are still a significant amount of people who don’t utilize their Libraries. Libraries are there for you. They exist to serve you along your path of enjoyment and enlightenment. All for free. It baffles me that so many people fail to use their local Library in a way that best suits them.

Again, I am not saying that you should stop buying books or stop building a Library of your own. BUT, you can do both. Use your Library during periods of financial insecurity or saving up money. They’re also a great place to go if you find yourself in a reading slump. If you’re not sure what the problem is, go to the Library and browse around a bit. Pick a few books up off the shelves. Read a few chapters. Take a few home with you. It might help you get out of that slump, or at least you got some free therapy out of the trip.

Libraries are also great for discovering books you wouldn’t normally spend your money on. Go and browse and see what you find. You never know; something may surprise you. I’ve found plenty of great reads by just browsing around and picking up random books and seeing what they’re all about. This is also great if you’ve been meaning to read more classics, nonfiction, or a specific genre. The Library lets you experiment for free, so there’s no guilt of spending on something that was a disappointment. There’s no guilt at all, because it’s all free.

Not only do Libraries offer all these great ways to better interact with books, they also let you check out CDs and DVDs. Most of the time they’re caught up on recent releases, so, on top of getting free books to enjoy you can also see that latest blockbuster. But wait, that’s not all. They’re a great place for researching topics you’re interested in too, and the Librarians are always there to help you find what you need. Still not done yet, though. They are also a great place to come to spend a few quiet hours reading and/or studying. The possibilities are nearly endless.

So, all in all, go out and use your Library. See what you find. But, more importantly, see what finds you. We come across books many times for a reason. They often fit into the pivotal points in our lives, so you never know what might be waiting for you amongst those shelves. I’m really passionate about Libraries, can you tell? Please protect yours. Also, the most important thing I’m going to say is: Never, ever, ever be ashamed to use your Library. They are there for you. They are just waiting, begging you to step inside. Never feel like you don’t belong there. Never. Because you do. You absolutely belong there. Walk in with your head held high and experience a something that feels kind of like coming back home.

Well, this got a bit longer than I originally expected, but, like I said, I’m passionate. Thanks for stopping by and reading, especially since I got this out so late tonight. As always, please follow/add/chat with me on my other social media sites as well: Tumblr, Goodreads, Instagram.


3 thoughts on “Musings Monday

  1. I totally agree, libraries are really awesome! I also really like that they help promote reading in the community and introduce the younger population to reading. My first copy of HP and the Deathly Hallows was what got me into reading (yes, I read the last book first), but the library definitely had its role too. I like to buy books quite a lot but I still borrow books from the library. The only downside is that I can’t read some of them fast enough so I have to renew (I don’t like doing that because there are other readers waiting in line for that title), but that’s not a major problem.

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    1. Wow, that’s so interesting that you read the last HP book first. You’re the first person I’ve every heard say that! And, yes Libraries definitely do a lot of good, but it does suck when you have to turn a book back in because you couldn’t finish. This actually just happened to me last week. Thanks for reading 🙂

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