Top Ten Tuesday

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday brought to you…us…everyone…by The Broke and the Bookish is top ten books you’d like to see made into a movie or TV show. Hmmmm this should be fun. Here goes. Like every other week these are in no particular order, so here goes. Book to movie adaptations I’d like to see.



I would love to see this book made into a movie. It’s definitely a great read. I love it so much because it has a heavy focus on Edgar Allan Poe, and I am a huge Poe fan. It’s a new, unique take that definitely grabs your attention. Although I am a bit sick of the popular/outcast relationship mold, I really did enjoy the first two books in this series and am waiting in anticipation for the third to come out this July.



Yes, yes I know there are already Harry Potter movies, and they’re phenomenal, and the cast is great, and they’re just absolutely wonderful. BUT, I would love to see the movies made into a TV show. A TV show would allow for more of the subplots to be explored and also would allow for inclusion of much of the information that was, mostly, understandably left out. I NEED A TV SERIES OF THESE BOOKS. RIGHT NOW.


daughter of smoke and bone

There has already been talk about adapting these books into movies for a few years now, but I haven’t heard anything on the start of production. (Have you?) I’m pretty sure a director has already signed up for this project. But, the process is not going fast enough for me. I’m currently finishing up the third book in this series and it would be great if I had a movie to look forward to upon finishing!



I need, need, need this to be adapted into a movie! This book was amazing and I think it would definitely be a good book-to-movie adaptation. It’s definitely one of those that would be an easy transition from paper to screen.



I found this beaut at my local library the other day upon browsing the graphic novel section. I’ve recently been getting back into graphic novels and comics, so I was elated to dabble into Spider-Girl, and I have to say, WOW. I need a Spider-Girl movie like right this instant. I loved everything about this comic and know that Marvel could easily adapt this into a great movie. *cough cough* MARVEL *cough cough*



I’ve only read the first book (pictured above) in this series so far and absolutely loved it. I’m a bit behind the crowd on this one with the series, but I definitely think this would be a great movie. I also think it would be fairly easy to adapt. I would absolutely love to see this hit theaters. At least I still get to look forward to reading two more books in the trilogy.



I love this book. Oh man, I need to read it again. I think this would definitely be better as a TV show, since it’s got a TON of information in it, and it would really take some episodes to hash out the significance of everything. Maybe this would actually be best as like a mini series. Yea, definitely a mini series. I would watch it hands down.



Okay, so I haven’t read this book since middle school I believe. Well, no, wait. Early high school. I read this book a few times when I was younger. It was a significant part of my early adolescence. Anyway. I can’t really remember how good it actually was. I remember basically being in love with it, but not if it really is of any merit. But, I think this would make a great movie. I remember it being very Mean Girls-esque, but also with some magic. So, if my memory serves me decent, this would be a movie I would definitely see.



Okay, so I know this is a poem and not a book. BUT, I adore this poem and honestly think it would make a super cool mini series. I think this needs to happen. Like right now. It would be really interesting to watch the attempt to adapt and define the ideas in this piece. Plus, the graphics, costumes, and sets would be amazing.



I have recently just hopped on board this fandom and have not been disappointed at all so far. I am loving this book, even though I’m only about half way through. The booklr community on Tumblr. has definitely given me some insight on what I’m in for. Bring it on. Wait, I’m supposed to be talking about book-to-movie adaptations. RIGHT. So, yes, a movie. Bring it on. I would love to see this book adapted. Yes, yes, yes please!

Well, there you have it. My top picks to see go from paper to screen. I actually really loved this prompt and had so much fun with this. There are definitely some books that are better left alone as just books, but these are not among those. I need all these movies right now, so if there is anyone following me that could make that happen, please do!

As always, thanks for reading. What are some of the books you’d love to see adapted for viewing? Also, make sure to stop by and check out the following pages: Tumblr. (where I’m currently hosting a giveaway for my followers!), Goodreads, and Instagram.


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