Only Human by Gareth Roberts

5/5 Stars

So, a few weeks ago at Barnes and Noble I decided to go out on a whim and buy the first Doctor Who based book I’ve ever read. I’m a huge fan of the TV show (and by that I mean Doctor Who basically runs most of my life – I’m actually watching it as I write this), but never delved into reading any of the fiction that’s associated with the show. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to; it’s just that I’ve been skeptical and a bit afraid to delve into such a massive array of side fiction. But, I had nothing to be afraid of with this book. I absolutely LOVED it. It was, as nine would say, Fantastic.

This novel is part of a revamped book series that was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. These stories were picked among the many stories written as companions to the series as the best. This series has one book feature per doctor and a few for side monsters. This particular story is based on the ninth doctor. In this story, Nine and Rose discover a Neanderthal man that has appeared in London’s club scene one night. This is just the start of the adventure that awaits them. Rose and Nine travel back in time to figure out how he got there while Captain Jack stays in the present and helps this strange new man adapt to modern-day life in London.

My expectations were pretty low for this, but I always try to keep my expectations low (keeps me from worlds of disappointment). However, I didn’t need to have low expectations, but they definitely gave Roberts’ writing the ability to soar higher than I could have imagined. I loved, loved, loved his story. Roberts captures the characters supremely, and I honestly felt like I was watching an episode of Doctor Who. I am completely heartbroken that Captain Jack is not on the show any longer, so this was a great fix for that hankering, and Roberts got his character spot on.

The writing is also very well done. I have no complaints about Roberts writing style or his plot devices and story progression or any complaints about this book in general. This book was an extremely easy read; I flew threw it pretty fast, but it is dense enough to provide a great story and more laughs from the characters that all Whovians already love. Roberts does a perfect job of balancing humor and seriousness just like the show does. Prepare yourself to laugh and cry, okay, it’s not that sad by any means, but you might just be sobbing, like me, over how much you miss these wonderful characters on the show, because they are captured so well.

I’m just going to go ahead and end this review here, because I’m pretty much useless at this point and will just continue to tell you over and over again how much I adored this book (and Doctor Who in general). So, if you’re a fan, I definitely recommend this book. I will absolutely be reading more Who-related stories by this author and dabbling more into the literature associated with Doctor Who (or, you know, just let it consume me completely, which is the most likely scenario).

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