Top Ten Tuesday

Today for Top Ten Tuesday The Broke and the Bookish have given me free rein to come up with whatever topic I want to. This is actually a horrible thing for me as I’m terrible at making decisions. There are so many options open for the taking. But, I think I’m going to go with my favorite humorous books. I’m a huge fan of humor and there’s just something about books (and characters of course) that can make me laugh. Here goes in no particular order once again.



Okay, so this one wouldn’t really be categorized as humor, but the story is very humorous. I love Doctor Who and thought this book was absolutely fantastic (pun intended). I definitely, definitely recommend this book to any fan of Doctor Who. It was a great story and good for a great laugh. And, the characters are captured perfectly.



Another one that’s not really classified as a humor text, but I can guarantee that this is a good laugh. It easily rose high on my list of Shakespeare favorites. There are so many witty (most female) characters. I found myself actually laughing out loud on more than one occasion when reading this play.



This book is absolutely filled with lots of great humor. Brosh touches on many tough issues as well, but her comedic personality and writing style definitely shine in this collection. I love, love, love this book.


hitchhiker's guide

I’ve been praising this book for so long now, and I still don’t feel like I can say I’ve given it enough. I adore this novel. It’s funny, witty, smart, and touching. There is so much great humor in this text. It is one I will definitely be turning to again and again for a good laugh.


the milk

Even though this is a children’s book, I heartily enjoyed it. Gaiman wrote an excellent story. It was funny and charming. I definitely had a smile glued on my face while reading this short little book.



William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doesher is absolutely one of my favorite humorous reads. I’ve read the first three in the series and need to get my hands on the fourth one SOON. I’ve already made myself known as a huge Shakespeare fan, so how could I not love this glorious work? It’s definitely a piece of art.



This is a bit of a social experiment that one girl conducts trying out all the different ways to meet guys and analyzes the question of what it means to be single. This is an autobiographical piece of work, but it is definitely filled with an abundance of funny situations. Machacek is a great writer and her book is a great, humorous read.



This is most definitely one of my favorite works ever. I read it in one of my classes when I was in college. I absolutely fell in love. There is so much humor in this text (and of course plenty of political commentary buried beneath the surface). Wilde does humor marvelously, and I absolutely recommend this short little charming play to everyone.



Satire at it’s very best. This has been my favorite movie since I’ve been about 7 and once I discovered it was based on a book when I came across it at the bookstore one day when I was a senior in high school (how it took me so long to discover, I’ve no idea) it quickly became a favorite book as well as movie. What a great read filled with laughs.



This is definitely a must for a great laugh. The Harvard Lampoon does a great job at parodies. And, I liked this on even more, since I am not a Twilight fan. However, I am also a big supporter of being able to laugh at the things you love. The Harvard Lampoon also wrote The Hunger Pains, which parodies The Hunger Games, which is a fantastic read too. And, I recently came across Bored of the Rings on sale a few weeks ago, and am beyond excited for that read.

Well, this has been another Top Ten Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed your stay and have maybe found some useful recommendations if you are looking for a good laugh. I love all these book, and urge the reading of each one. They are definitely among my favorites. As always, thanks for stopping by and reading! Make sure to check out my tumblr page and feel free to add me on goodreads.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I just finished The Princess Bride a couple of days ago and absolutely loved it. It was such a great and humorous book. Like you I knew the movie before the book but I never watched it, so now that I finished the book I definitely will watch it.
    I just finished The Princess Bride a couple of days ago and absolutely loved it! It was such a great and humorous book. Like you I knew the movie before the book but I never watched it, so now that I finished the book I definitely will watch it.

    I think I’ll put Nightlight on my TBR for good laughs since I personally didn’t like Twilight.

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    1. I hope you like the movie. It’s a great adaptation 🙂 And yes, Nightlight is a great read. It gets a bit carried away at the end, but I especially liked it since, like you, I’m not a Twilight fan.

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