King Richard III by William Shakespeare

5/5 Stars

Another Shakespearian Play done another step closer to fulfilling this personal challenge of mine. I have to say, though, I have to pick up the pace if I really do want to read all his works by the end of this year. But, even if I don’t fulfill this challenge (even though I will!), you can’t say I didn’t try. Anyway, now to get to the reason you are all here, unless you’re purely here for my banter. If so, I welcome you just as much as someone who is curious about why they should read King Richard III. So who would enjoy reading King Richard III you’re probably wondering? Well, I would recommend this to someone who really appreciates Shakespeare. Since this is one of his history plays, you have to have the hankering for Shakespeare, his wit, and his plot devices to like this play. If you find yourself fitting of this description, then you will love this play. I loved this play. It’s full of everything Shakespeare’s plays are expected to be filled with: wit, humor, death, strong characters, death, betrayal, ghosts, an abundance of sexual remarks, and, oh, did I mention death?

In this play, basically, a bunch of royals come together to try and decide who will be the next king since one of their own, unknowingly to most, but knowingly to some, killed the person who was supposed to be king (It’s really messy how this all came to be and is (I think?) a continuation of King Henry VI, but you can catch on pretty fast if you haven’t read King Henry VI). And so, the decision is made. A young heir is set to be king. But said character that killed the last guy has no problem killing this one (and then tries to get with his sister after already marrying the widow of another king), and then there’s a big bloody battle and even more people die. The end.

I’m sorry, this review probably hasn’t been helpful to anyone at all so far, but I do really love this play. I loved this play so much. I’m literally fangirling over this play (is it weird to fangirl over a guy who’s been dead for centuries? …nahhh). Like, it was just. So. Freaking. Good. The compilation of Shakespeare’s plays that I own supposedly, according to popular belief, put Shakespeare’s play in order for me (which is also the order I’m currently attempting to read them in), and this is allegedly his second play ever written. I have to say, the first one, King Henry VI, was not really all that good. I’m a die-hard Shakespeare fan, but that one just didn’t do if for me, but I didn’t expect it to be great since it was his first play. Given this, I figured his second play might be a little shake too. It wasn’t at all. Shakespeare became Willy Shakes in no time at all. I was so surprised at how fantastic this play was and how much I immensely enjoyed it. Let me continue to go on, since you have no way of stopping me. If you feel the need to protest, close out of this review. That’ll show me. Ouch.

The thing that I love the most about Shakespeare is his wit and humor. People tend to take Shakespeare too seriously when he is really just a comic who kills a lot of characters, tells a lot of dick jokes, and occasionally inserts deep human feelings that are all too relatable. I am not criticizing anyone who has taken the serious approach to Shakespeare. His work can be exceedingly daunting to anyone who is not familiar with his work and style. I used to be one of those people. Someone would say, “Shakespeare,” and I would think, “Oh damn, Shakespeare. Time to put on my sullen, solemn face.” But then I started reading more of him. And then I got to college and continued to read more of him. And then I took a class on him. That class was probably the best decision I ever made. It’s a thing of beauty to sit around with people and talk and joke and laugh about something you love so much. It put on the finishing touches on erasing everything I once thought Shakespeare was and helped me rebuild my lens of how I view him now. It has been a beautiful experience.

And now I’m here reading a historical play that Shakespeare wrote (something FAR too daunting for my 15-year-old, hell, even 18-year-old self to take on), and laughing at the brilliance of it. So, now that I’ve made this an exceedingly long story that hasn’t even really been a review at all, I will wrap this up by saying if you like Shakespeare, this is a must read. It was funny, witty, exciting, and brilliant. Plus, it has some wonderfully amazing strong kick-ass witty female characters. Stick around, my favorite Shakespeare play is up next: Titus Andronicus.

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