I Could Chew On This by Francesco Marciuliano

2/5 Stars

I was so excited to find this book at Barnes & Noble in their bargain section, because I had been wanting to read it for awhile. So, I figured I would buy it, since it appeared to be the kind of book that I would want to keep, being the avid dog lover I am. I usually enjoy stories about dogs even if they’re mediocre, so I thought I would heartily enjoy this one. Unfortunately, I discovered why this short, little book was in the bargain section.

This is a book of poems written from a dog’s perspective. Marciuliano makes attempts at painting a heartwarming message from a person’s beloved pet, from chewing on something to taking a trip to the dog park. He includes pictures of adorable pups that usually correspond with the meaning of the poem they are next to. This is a quick read meant for dog lovers.

Even with this being a rapid little read, I found it hard to finish. I found this book poorly put together and lacking in many ways. These poems are not really endearing and didn’t have the effect on me that I wanted them to have. I found myself smiling while reading maybe 4 of the poems, but found myself skimming just to finish the rest of them. I wanted this so much to be a cute little book that I would cherish as a significant part of my bookshelf, but I will not even be keeping it on my bookshelf. Marciuliano should have worked harder and invested more time in his work. I was not impressed at all.

Marciuliano also wrote I could Pee on This. That one is the same type of book about cats and came before this little poem book about dogs. I can’t say that I am eager to read it anymore (It was on my reading list, but I took it off.), especially after being so disappointed with this one. I wouldn’t recommend this book. Don’t waste your time on it. The adorable pictures of dogs definitely to not make up for the poor quality poetry.

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