Harry Potter: The Creature Vault

5/5 Stars

Wow, hello all. Let me tell you about a book I finished the other day, since this is, as you already know, a book review blog. Apparently, I’m feeling a bit humorous today. Maybe that’s a good thing, or maybe it isn’t. But anyway, here’s how I got my hands on The Creature Vault. Just before Christmas I cam across this book at Barnes & Noble and, of course, gravitated toward it, because 1. Harry Potter and 2. LOOK HOW PRETTY. Then things just got better from there. I noticed that it was in a section of giftbooks that were marked half off. So, instead of $45 it was only $22.50! It got better still, though. I’m a member, so I got my 10% off and then had a coupon for another 20% off. So, all in all, I only ended up paying about $18 – A Meager price for this glorious compilation. So anyway, onto what you clicked on this link for.

This is a coffee-table type book that gives its readers a look inside the creature vault that was created for the Harry Potter films. It’s full of pictures, descriptions, and tidbits on how the creature builders did what they did. The reader is also given insight into what was actually created for the films and what was computer generated using CGI technology. But, not only does it give all that, these pages also offer pictures of original concept art illustrations. This large book is brimming with everything that Harry Potter fans will love to read about.

Now, as for my actual review, it will be rather short, like this one paragraph short. There’s really not a whole lot to say about this book. I will say that it was wonderful because of everything it has to offer, and I definitely don’t have any complaints about it. The writing, although mediocre, was very informative and was easy to look past, since it only worked to enhance the images compiled for each creature. The layout and photos were exquisite. I should probably just wrap up this review now, since I don’t have anything particularly critical to say about this text and will only continue to rave about how great it was. It’s informative and captivating; I loved it.

This is definitely a must-read for any fan of Harry Potter – films and books included. Take yourself back into the world of magic and see how everything came together.

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