Life, the Universe and Everything (Guide #3) by Douglas Adams

4/5 Stars

Hello everyone. As you can see, I’ve read yet another installment in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Series and am adding another short review to discuss the third book. If you had noticed, which some of you probably did, I marked this installment one star lower than the other two I’ve already reviewed. Don’t be worried (or consider not reading this book!). I only did this for one minor reason and still immensely enjoyed this novel.

Now, to get to the point. This novel was still just as fun as the other two. The characters in this book have been thrust into yet another grand adventure. Something has come up that could mean the obliteration of the rest of the universe except the planet Krikkit. If Arthur and Ford don’t team up and help Slartibartfast, it could mean the end of everything. Ford, with his often selfish behavior, cannot be bothered to help out with the situation. But, Arthur, who usually comes through in an underdog style and usually ends up being a significant role in things, pulls through and, unknowingly, helps to save the Universe.

The writing in this novel was still like the previous two, and I enjoyed immensely the witty banter and voice that Adams always brings forth. The characters become almost even more likable for me since they are forced to delve deeper into issues and personalities that we, as humans, can directly relate to. They show characteristics that we ourselves have, have to deal with, and are sometimes self-conscious about. But, Adams is so wonderfully capable of making light of the darker side of the human race in a way that is completely understandable and acceptable. He makes being human more bearable.

So, after giving this book the highest of praise, how can I possibly have down rated it? Well, it’s actually for one simple reason overall. I simply found this book in the series to be the hardest to follow. It could be because I’ve been under stress lately or it could be that I’ve been a bit overtired, but I just found the events of Life, the Universe and Everything were dependent on miniscule details that I had a little trouble keeping up with. This novel still sucked me in, just not quite as quickly or for long stretches like the first two. But, I’m sure the story will flow exceedingly smoother when I read it for the second time, which I’m sure will happen sometime in the future.

And, despite my one minor complaint, this story is still absolutely worth the read and an adventure you will be glad you had. So, if you still haven’t picked up any of the Hitchhiker’s Guide books, I recommend you start immediately. They are well worth it. Douglas Adam’s classic series is still on the up of becoming one of my top favorite series.

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