Beware the Monster by Michaël Escoffier

Synopsis This monster is HUN-gry, and, his favorite meal? Yummy children. After stuffing himself with the entire forest, will there still be room in his belly for you? Pick up this book to find out. Beware the Monster by Michaël Escoffier illustrated by Amandine Piu ★★★★ Genre: Children Release Date: 10 April 2018 Source: Free Copy Received in Exchange … More Beware the Monster by Michaël Escoffier

3 Mini DC Single-Issue Comic Book Reviews

World’s Finest: For the Lives of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent (Worlds’ Finest Issue #28) by Paul Levitz and Jed Dougherty ★★★★★ Genre: Comic Book/Science Fiction/Superhero Release Date: 2012 Source: Half Price Books – Bought On My Shelf: Yes This was an interesting read. I will say that I had no idea what I was getting into with this comic; … More 3 Mini DC Single-Issue Comic Book Reviews

Feature – Mini Movie Reviews

The Truth Behind: Bigfoot ★★★★★ Genre: Documentary Series Release Date: 2011 Source: Netflix On My Shelf: No Synopsis Sasquatch. The Wild Man. Bigfoot. Believers in the massive creature claim he’s half man, half primate and roams the Pacific Northwest. Join a team of experts as they use advanced scientific analysis to investigate the phenomenon to reveal what’s science, and … More Feature – Mini Movie Reviews

Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen

Synopsis Recognized by most as Sarah Scribbles, this is the third volume in the Sarah Scribbles bind-up comic series containing short comic strips about the author’s every day life. Also included is some very good life advice for other creative people like herself. Herding Cats (Sarah Scribbles #3) by Sarah Andersen ★★★★★ Genre: Humor/Nonfiction/Memoir Release Date: March 2018 … More Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen